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Most people who think of car wrecks consider those that involve multiple vehicles. However, there are many situations where a pedestrian could be hit by a car. In particular, this happens quite a bit in crosswalks, which makes them pretty dangerous under certain conditions. In fact, the number of car accidents that involve people walking is on the rise. 

Car accidents with pedestrians keep increasing

Driving can be a pretty dangerous activity as it can be easy to collide with another car. However, people on foot aren’t safe, as the number of pedestrians hit by a car has gone up. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 3,373 people died after car accidents in the first half of 2023. 

It's easy for a pedestrian to be hit by a car
Person crossing the road | PinkBadger via iStock

Notably, this happened to around 7,500 people in 2022, which represents a 40-year high for pedestrian deaths in the U.S. Of course, quite a few of the car accidents involving pedestrians happen in crosswalks, despite the limited data. These statistics mean that drivers and people on foot need to be diligent to decrease these types of car accidents. 

Why are roads so dangerous for people on foot?

There are a few things that might explain why fatal car wrecks with pedestrians are on the rise in the U.S. One of the biggest may have to do with the pandemic. In 2019, which was the last pre-pandemic year, the number of pedestrians who died due to car accidents was 6,205. This represented a decrease from the year prior. Notably, The Hill reports that there has been an increase in people driving under the influence since. 

Some people also blame the increase in popularity of larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. Naturally, these types of vehicles are much more deadly for pedestrians who get struck while crossing the road or even walking on sidewalks. 

So, what can drivers and pedestrians do to decrease these types of car accidents? Regarding drivers, driving while under the influence is never a good choice. The same is true for speeding and not ensuring that people aren’t in crosswalks when driving over them. Part of the problem is that many drivers watch pedestrians pass but don’t notice that someone else may have entered the crosswalk afterward. 

As for people on foot, it’s important to look both ways before crossing the road. This sounds like basic information, and it is, but it can save your life. Additionally, just because you have the right of way doesn’t mean you should take it. If you see a car speeding towards a crosswalk and it’s your time to go, it’s best to wait because that person may not stop in time. Additionally, people should never walk between parked cars to cross the road. 


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