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Agents from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have arrived at the scene of a Tesla Model 3 crash in Florida that occurred recently. Their investigation into the incident has officially begun. The NTSB investigators are now requesting that if any witnesses have photos or videos of the EV crash, they submit them to aid in their efforts to figure out the cause of the incident.

The NTSB sent the investigators to the Tesla Model 3 crash scene in Coral Gables, Florida. According to a report from the Associated Press, the NTSB investigators are looking for images (photos or video) of the actual crash or the fire that erupted from the Tesla Model 3 after the moment of impact.

The NTSB says they are taking a particular interest in this incident because they are specifically out to observe new technology such as Tesla’s “Autopilot.” We speculate that the NTSB is likely interested in figuring out if Tesla’s Autopilot tech contributes to crashes or other driving incidents.

The safety agency requests that anyone who does have photos or video of the Tesla Model 3 crash in Flordia their images to

Tesla Model 3 crash claimed two lives

The NTSB is in Florida in the first place because of a fatal Tesla Model 3 crash that occurred in Coral Gables, Florida. The crash happened on September 13th, 2021, and claimed the lives of two occupants.

According to the report, the Tesla Model 3 crashed into a tree before the car burst into flames. Reports have suspected that the fire that started after the impact with the tree may have been caused by the large battery pack integrated into the Tesla Model 3’s chassis.

Tesla EVs tend to have a higher than average range due to the large battery packs that come with the vehicles and are part of Tesla’s “skateboard” vehicle platform. However, some experts have suspected that those very same batteries may be the reason why some Teslas ignite into flames after a collision.

The NTSB has said the focus of the investigation would be the operation of the vehicle before the crash and the fire that broke out afterward.

At the time of the incident, local police stated that it was “unclear” if Autopilot was a factor in the Tesla Model 3 crash. Though, we assume that the NTSB will investigate that possibility as well.

Tesla’s Autopilot system has come under fire before as critics have suggested that the autonomous driving mode is unsafe. There have been widely reported instances of drivers abusing the Autopilot system by either completely falling asleep at the wheel or sitting in the back seat while the system drives.

Elon Musk has defended Autopilot and assured customers and government agencies that there are safety measures in place to prohibit users from abusing Autopilot, though it seems clear that not everyone is convinced.


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