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Attention Jaguar collectors and supercar enthusiasts! Now is your chance to own a rare piece of automotive history: a delivery mileage Jaguar XJ220. This supercar is number 223 of the approximately 281 handmade cars by Jaguar from 1992 to 1994. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this rare supercar.

Is the Jaguar XJ220 rare?

Jaguar XJ220 Silver
Jaguar XJ220 | Heritage Images via Getty Images

Constructed on October 26th, 1993, this XJ220 was ordered and delivered to JaguarSport Limited in Oxon, England. It was then sold to Hartmut Flöter, a distributor for Kawasaki Motorcycles in Sweden, who added the supercar to his collection in 1994. Mr. Flöter obtained a permit from the Swiss Department of Transportation in 1998 to test drive the car for registration. However, it was on display and not driven for the following 17 years.

In 2015, Mr. Flöter sold the car to a buyer in Switzerland. The buyer also did not drive or register the Jaguar XJ220 during their ownership. In 2016, the Jaguar sold to a collector in Germany. The owner was unable to ship the car due to customs regulations. Six years later, the car was still located at the Lutziger Classic Cars facility. It stayed there until it was purchased and imported by Bruce Canepa in December 2021.

How much is a Jaguar XJ220 worth?

Jaguar XJ220 moving
Jaguar XJ220 | Universal Images via Getty Images

Upon arrival at his facility, Canepa raved about the XJ220’s condition. “A stunning example! Absolutely new condition! Beyond Words!” he exclaimed. The car only required a gentle cleaning, a testament to its impeccable maintenance over the years.

The prime example of an XJ220 is now for sale through the Canepa inventory. While the pricing information on the website says “call to inquire,” it is safe to say it will be a high six-figure number. A recent sale of a 385-mile, maroon-colored example went for $500,000. Because of the mileage, the Canepa car will likely sell for the same price, if not more.

What engine is in the Jaguar XJ220?

Jaguar XJ220 studio
Jaguar XJ220 | Heritage Images via Getty Images

The XJ220 was a revolutionary car for its time. It is the first road car to exploit under-body airflow and venturi technology to generate a downforce of around 3000 lb for high-speed stability. In addition, it utilized a Group C suspension configuration, leading to handling described by Autocar as “the finest handling supercar we have ever driven. Such is its damping that supercars we previously considered superlatively well-controlled over difficult roads now seem flawed and spongy after the Jaguar.”

Under the hood, the XJ220 has a Tom Walkinshaw 3.5-liter V6 engine. The engine has twin Garrett T3 turbochargers, generating 542 horsepower and 476 lb·ft of torque. The engine is derived from the Cosworth DFV Formula 1 engine. It is the first Jaguar engine to use forced induction. It produced more power than the V12 considered initially for the car and offered improved handling by being set lower and more centrally in the car.

Would you buy an old supercar?

Overall, if you’re a collector of Jaguars or modern supercars, this XJ220 will make an excellent addition to your collection. It comes with the owner’s handbook, tool kit, first aid kit, parts, and service manuals. Don’t miss your chance to own a delivery mileage Jaguar XJ220 in pristine condition, a rare find sure to turn heads and impress car enthusiasts for years to come.


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