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The world of Formula One racing has many iconic moments and legendary drivers. But, few have achieved the level of success and admiration that Michael Schumacher has. As one of the greatest drivers in the sport’s history, Schumacher’s name is synonymous with dominance on the track. Schumacher and F1 racing fans have a rare opportunity to own a piece of history, as his 2000 Monaco Grand Prix-winning car is up for sale. With its historical pedigree, this car represents a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a piece of motorsport history.

What engine did the F1 cars have in 2000?

Ferrari F2000
Schumacher F2000 | Andrew Trahan, Sotheby’s

In the year 2000, Formula One cars were equipped with V10 engines, widely regarded as the pinnacle of automotive engineering. For example, the Ferrari F2000 was driven by Michael Schumacher to win the Monaco Grand Prix that year. The car has a 3.0-liter Tipo 049 V10 engine, producing 800 horsepower at 17,500 RPMs.

The engine has a seven-speed semi-automatic transmission to put the power down. The setup weighs just 97 kilograms, making it one of the lightest and most powerful engines in F1 history. The F2000’s aerodynamic design and advanced suspension system, combined with the raw power of its V10 engine, made it one of the most dominant F1 cars on the grid in the year 2000. It is a true testament to Ferrari’s commitment to excellence in motorsport.

What records does Michael Schumacher still hold?

Michael Schumacher Monaco 2000
Michael Schumacher Monaco | Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula One racing, and his records speak for themselves. Despite retiring in 2012, he still holds several records in the sport. The most notable is the record for the most World Drivers’ Championships won, with seven total. Schumacher also has the record for the most Grand Prix victories, with 91 wins to his name.

Additionally, he holds the record for the most “fastest laps” in a single season, with ten in the 2004 season. Schumacher’s success in Formula One was a combination of his incredible talent behind the wheel, his determination, and his work ethic. His records serve as a testament to his greatness and serve as an inspiration to drivers around the world.

How much does an F1 car cost?

Michael Schumacher Monaco F1 Car
Michael Schumacher Monaco | Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

The cost of an old Formula One car can vary greatly depending on factors such as the car’s condition, provenance, and racing history. A particularly significant vehicle, such as the Ferrari F2000, can command a high price at auction. The backup chassis that went on to win the race is now up for auction at R.M. Sotheby’s. The estimated price is nearly ten million dollars.

This price reflects not only the car’s provenance but also the passion and enthusiasm of collectors and fans of the sport. However, it’s worth noting that while an F1 car may be an incredible piece of motorsport history, it’s also a complex and expensive machine. Most of those buying them don’t plan to race them, but if they want to, the running cost is astronomical. So while it would be great to see it back on track, it will likely be part of a collection.

Is buying an old F1 car worth it?

In conclusion, owning an F1 car is about having rare machinery and preserving a part of motorsport history. Michael Schumacher’s 2000 Monaco Grand Prix-winning car is a prime example. While the cost of owning an F1 car can be high, the opportunity to own a piece of such an iconic vehicle is genuinely priceless. Looking back at Schumacher’s remarkable career and impact on the sport, we can appreciate the incredible technology and engineering that went into these machines and the drivers who pushed them to their limits.


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