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Every time we turn around, something new about the Tesla Cybertruck pops up, and it’s typically ridiculous news. But this time, we are totally stunned. Apparently, the Tesla Cybertruck is sold out until 2027. If you want this truck, we hope you don’t mind waiting. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is sold out until 2027 

The Tesla Cybertruck in Giga Texas Factory
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Ever since the Tesla Cybertruck emerged back in 2019, it’s faced delay after delay. Recently, we learned that deliveries might not begin until the end of 2023, then sources reported that the truck might be pushed back until 2024. 

However, according to Torque News, now you might not get your Cybertruck until 2027. That’s a ridiculous wait. Imagine what features and how much power rivals will have by then. Your Cybertruck could be outdated before it finally arrives. 

Elon Musk shared that there are enough Telsa Cybertruck reservations to fill three years of production. So, despite being incredibly behind the competition, the Cybertruck still seems like a popular option. 

Why is the Cybertruck facing delays? 

Initially, the production of the Tesla Cybertruck was slated to begin in 2021. However, then the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak began, and a majority of automakers started facing delays. 

On top of that, supply chain disruptions and the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage started creating significant disruptions. But automakers like Ford figured out how to conserve their chips for their most popular models. 

The Ford Bronco and Ford F-150 Lightning are finally returning to standard production times. Did Elon Musk try to get the Cybertruck back on schedule, or did he focus on other models like the Tesla Model Y? 

At the Giga Texas plant, Elon Musk plans to manufacture half a million Tesla Model Y units annually. So, why is all of the emphasis on the Model Y instead of the Cybertruck that people have spent years waiting for? 

Reportedly, there are over three million Cybertruck reservations waiting in the wings. If Tesla actually starts producing 500,000 models per year, then the orders will take years to fill. The Gigafacotroy could increase production to 1,000,000 units annually, though. 

Is the Cybertruck changing? 

Tesla Cybertruck on a stage in front of a crowd of people with a blue haze.
Tesla Cybertruck | Getty Images

You could point to difficulty finalizing the Tesla Cybertruck design as a reason for constant delays. There are a variety of production models that have been spotted with visual changes. Also, Elon Musk got hung up on how the windshield wiper looks. 

Tesla already used some of the extra time to add handless doors and rear-wheel steering. Plus, a new quad motor Cybertruck variant is on the way, with even better performance is on the way. 

But how long will attempting to get the new, better model take? People can’t even get the dual-motor or tri-motor models for years.

Initial production will be for the four motor variant, so those with the tri and dual motor models will be pushed back even further. The single motor option could be dropped. As a result, the Cybertruck configurator is currently down. 

Elon Musk hasn’t released any spec about the quad-motor Tesla Cybertruck. Rumors suggest that it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 2.0 seconds. 

Hopefully, things will speed up. But these delays are already out of hand. We will keep you updated on the latest Cybertruck news. 


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