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Did you know that in other parts of the world you can buy a Ford Ranger Raptor? But not in the US. Why? This is America! What we can’t get we build. Texas truck tuner PaxPower took it upon themselves to create what Ford denies us; it made its own Raptor Ranger.

Using both factory and aftermarket components it took a 2019 Ranger Lariat FX4 and Raptor’d it. PaxPower sourced the Raptor sheetmetal from Ford overseas. That means the front fenders and entire bed come from the factory pieces Ford makes its Raptors with. PaxPower says that other than the cab and headlights everything else is non-factory. 

PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor | PaxPower
PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor | PaxPower

While we are sure the factory Ranger Raptor is quite a capable package, the aftermarket holds vastly more tailored pieces to really customize and improve on the stock bits. So, once the visuals got handled PaxPower explored the aftermarket to see what it could improve upon.

The front and rear bumpers are aftermarket, giving the truck a custom off-road look. They also visually highlight the Ranger’s added five-inches of width. 

Raptor Packs Aftermarket Wallop

paxpower-ranger-raptor (1)
PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor | PaxPower

For the suspension, PaxPower went completely aftermarket with a custom Prerunner vibe. It features BajaKits control arms that widen the Ranger’s track by five-inches. Adjustable Kings racing shocks with 2.5-inch reservoirs have added travel. Aggressive Toyo R/T off-road tires wrapped around 17-inch Icon custom wheels that match the paint support the Raptor replica. 

PaxPower is being coy about the engine mods, but suffice it to say the Ranger’s 2.3-liter turbocharged diesel engine now cranks out around 350 hp according to PaxPower. Stock from Ford, the Ranger’s 2.3-liter Ecoboost banger pumps out 210 hp. Where the added ponies come from remains a secret until the 2019 SEMA Show debut.

PaxPower Will Make One For You

PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor | PaxPower
PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor | PaxPower

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From the factory a Ford Ranger Raptor would be priced significantly under a full-size Raptor, and above a stock Ranger pickup. In this case, where parts are paid for and available only ones-y-twos-y the costs add up. PaxPower figures $65,000 will get you into one of its Ranger Raptors. That’s about the same as a full-size Raptor. 

So, while the savings aren’t there, the novelty factor certainly is. Whether that’s worth it to you or not depends on a lot of things. But we can tell you that 1) you might be confused you’re looking at a Ranger instead of an F150 Raptor, and 2) this is the rare case where if you want one you’ll have to get it made. Or make it yourself, at least for now.