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In the spirit of Christmas gifts and Tesla, why not purchase a gift card? Elon Musk and his Tesla team decided to offer gift cards in a variety of amounts. If you are in the market, you can buy a Tesla gift card for $50, $69, $100, or $420. What are some other Tesla Christmas, Hanukah, or holiday gift ideas?

A cheeky Tesla gift card for your Christmas shopping needs

A Tesla gift card for Christmas
A Tesla gift card is a Christmas gift idea | Miguel Candela/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Gift cards are a good Christmas gift for people. Tesla wanted to offer something for the good gift card givers of the world. Behold the Tesla Shop Gift Card. It comes in two regular options, $50 and $100, even though that won’t get you much. Then it is also offered in $69 and $420 for the trolls. You can also choose a custom amount if these options don’t work.

$50 truly isn’t going to get you much at Tesla. A service costs more than that, and you can’t even use the gift card for service. You can use your Tesla gift card in the physical shops or online, but it comes with a $500 limit. The automaker also only lets you buy $2,000 or four gift cards at a time. So what can you buy with a $69 gift card?

Electric vehicle acessories you can buy with a Tesla gift card

The official Tesla Shop lists a hand-blown Tesla Decanter that holds up to 750 mL of whatever liquor you desire. The decanter is $150. There is a 1:18 scale diecast Tesla Roadster for sale for $175. A 1:24 scale Tesla Semi is also available for the same price. Have no fear though, the Desktop Supercharger is only $45. The description says it organizes USB cables and was 3D printed to match the Tesla Superchargers.

If a Tesla Cybertruck owl shirt is your style, it can be purchased for a reasonable $35. Use your $69 Tesla gift card for it. Another shirt says “Let the Sun Shine” to remind people about the Solar Roof for purchase. If you have a Tesla Solar Roof, does it even count if people don’t know about it? Let ’em know.

More reasonable options include Tesla Model 3 all-weather interior mats and a roof rack ($400). Mudflaps, carbon fiber spoilers, and car covers ($230-$300) are also available. Many wheel and tire packages are available, plus some snow chains for the Model Y ($545).

Other Christmas gift ideas for EV fans on your list

If you are looking for something practical, Matt Ferrell had some excellent ideas in the above YouTube video. A Tesla Model 3 center console wrap will help protect that area from wear and tear. Center console and cup liners seem to be a popular choice. Other items like a wireless phone charger, mud flaps, and new interior mats are smart buys.

The official Tesla Wall Connector home charger is $500 and is actually really useful if someone doesn’t have one. There are some accessories for the home charger like a stand and a cable organizer, too.

So even if a $69 Tesla gift card isn’t on your list, some of these Christmas gift ideas aren’t awful. Just don’t buy the Tesla Cybertruck owl shirt. Seriously.


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