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The Ferrari F8 Tributo is regarded as a beautiful and very powerful supercar. Its turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 engine makes 710 horsepower and revs up to 8,000 rpm. At the time, the F8’s engine was the most powerful V8 that Ferrari had ever produced. Launched initially as a coupe, eventually, customers wanted the ability to drive their hardcore, track-focus, Ferrari F8 with the top down (go figure). Thus the Ferrari F8 Spider was created.

One would think that having a 710 horsepower Italian supercar with a convertible top would be enough to satisfy someone looking for an exceptional driving experience. Though, as we all know, there is always someone who is going to want more. Supercar tuning house NOVITEC knows this as well, which is why they just announced a brand new line of mods for the Ferrari F8 Spider.

NOVITEC Ferrari F8 Spider gets a boost in power

Black Ferrari F8 Spider equipped with NOVITEC carbon fiber aero pieces, and wheels.
NOVITEC Ferrari F8 Spider | NOVITEC

We previously mentioned the Ferrari F8 Spider comes with about 710 horsepower in stock trim. As much power as that is, some people just refuse to keep their car stock no matter how many horses it comes with. To address clients who are hungry for more power, the NOVITEC engineers created several different solutions. Each one adds more power than the last.

“Stage 1” of NOVITEC’s Ferrari F8 performance package is the “N-TRONIC” ECU module. This module tunes the stock Ferrari ECU, changing parameters like the air/fuel ratio and boost pressure. The result is a power boost to 787 horsepower, which is a significant jump over stock without replacing any hardware under the engine bonnet.

“Stage 2” starts with the N-TRONIC ECU module, adds a stainless steel exhaust system, and deletes the catalytic converters (AKA “cats”) to free up exhaust flow. According to NOVITEC’s website, the Stage 2 performance package boosts the engine’s output to 802 horsepower. Removing the cats will certainly mean this package will likely be illegal to install in California and other areas with strict emissions laws.

A “Stage 3” package includes the ECU module and the exhaust system, but instead of deleting the catalytic converters, it replaces them with high-flow units. As a result, the power is slightly reduced to 796 horsepower.

NOVITEC F8 Spider aesthetic mods and suspension enhancements

What is a tuning package if it doesn’t include elaborate exterior modifications? The NOVITEC Ferrari F8 Spider is no different than any other high-dollar tuning package in that respect. There are no less than three different forged wheel choices, with each wheel option having three different finishes available.

When it comes to body modifications, a client can equip up to 36 different carbon fiber pieces. Customers can purchase each element separately. There are three different rear wing options that range from a subtle lip spoiler to a GT-style wing.

Finally, customers can elect to lower the stance of their Ferrari F8 by choosing an optional sport spring set with an electronic module that allows further control of the stock hydraulic height adjustment system.

There are no prices listed for any individual components, but as the saying goes, “if you have to ask…”


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