10 Vehicles Americans Couldn’t Get Enough of in November

car dealership
Dealership | Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Americans were quick to recover from being thankful and the impeding turkey comas to get out to their local dealerships in November, it seems. Throughout the month, auto sales among the top seven largest automakers picked up 3.5% year over year, despite political roiling and uncertainties.

Strong gains in new home construction kept the demand for large pickups soaring, with the three major players all feeling some love (the segment, per Cars.com, gained 9.3% overall). The site noted that that’s the best year-over-year performance for full-size pickups since June.

Midsize sedans — historically the nation’s favorite non-truck — continued to struggle, though small compacts picked up their slack. Midsize SUVs continued to perform overall, though nothing especially noteworthy (outside of an especially strong performance by the Nissan Rogue) graced November.

Read on to see the 10 best-selling vehicles in America from November. All data courtesy of Cars.com.

10. Honda Civic

2016 Honda Civic Coupe
2016 Honda Civic Coupe | Honda

A significant redesign and more models have helped the Honda Civic dominate in an otherwise down year for small cars, though momentum slowed in November as Honda moved 25,303 units for the month — a 1% gain over November 2015. This puts the Civic up 10.9% on the year to date, at 335,445 cars moved. The Civic Si and Type-R should help bolster sales when they arrive in the coming year.

9. Honda CR-V

America's best-selling SUV
America’s best-selling SUV | Honda

The Honda CR-V is new for 2017, as if it needed it (it was the best-selling non-truck in August); the CR-V is up 1.6% on the year, adding to already substantial gains in 2015. In November, the CR-V sold 25,758 units, a step back of 0.7% versus November a year ago. Honda’s leading SUV will likely see its momentum renew once the new models start trickling into dealerships.

8. Nissan Rogue

2017 Nissan Rogue
2017 Nissan Rogue | Nissan

Like the CR-V, Nissan’s Rogue has had some work done in order to keep it competitive. New to the lineup is also a hybrid model, joining the Toyota RAV4 as the only two in the segment with electrification … for now. The strategy seems to have worked; Rogue sales were up 18% in November, at 26,629 units, putting Nissan’s midsizer at 289,427 cars sold on the year-to-date — up 11% versus 2015.

7. Honda Accord

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring
2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring | Honda

The Honda Accord used November to gain some ground on the Toyota Camry, posting sales gains of 6.3% at 27,182 units sold. This leaves it down 2.9% on the year-to-date, having moved 311,352 sedans since January 1.

6. Toyota RAV4

rav4 hybrid limited 2016
2016 Toyota RAV4 | Toyota

The RAV4 took the title for the best-selling midsize SUV in November, eking out a sales gain of 2.7% over the year-ago month at 28,116 units sold. This puts it up 11.1% on the year so far, having sold 314,925 year-to-date.

5. Toyota Camry

2016 Toyota Camry
2016 Toyota Camry | Toyota

The Toyota Camry was overshadowed (again) by its little sibling in November, after its monthly sales of 28,189 dipped 8.9% year-on-year. The Camry has had a rough go as buyers flock to crossovers and SUVs; sales year-to-date are down 9.4% overall at 355,204.

4. Toyota Corolla/iM

2017 Toyota Corolla
2017 Toyota Corolla | Toyota

Coming in at fourth as the best-selling non-truck for November, the Toyota Corolla and Corolla iM (née Scion iM) sold a whopping 28,262 units last month, for a gain of 11.8%. This leaves the lineup at 346,999 for the year so far, a firm 3.7% above last year’s levels.

3. Ram Pickup

2016 Ram 2500
2016 Ram 2500 | Ram

Holding its own at third, the Ram pickup line sold 36,885 trucks in November to best the same month of 2015 by a healthy 8%. Year-to-date, Ram has sold 441,862 units to leave its sales for the first 11 months up 8.1% versus the same period of 2016.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Z71
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Z71 | Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Silverado kept, uh, trucking along through November with sales of 45,280, or 0.6% higher than November ’15 levels. This puts GM’s leading workhorse down 3.2% for the year-to-date with sales of 520,604.

1. Ford F-Series

2016 Ford F-150 Limited
2016 Ford F-150 Limited | Ford

Ford overcame a slow October with a vengeance, selling 72,089 units in November — up 10.6% and far and away beating second-place Silverado by orders of magnitude. This puts the F-Series at 733,287 units for the year-to-date, a 5.5% gain over the same period of last year.