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Quite possibly the smartest lawnmower ever built, the Novabot seamlessly blends lawn care and home security. This sleek, sexy, autonomous robot operates independently, maintaining the lawn and peace of mind as it circles around your home. And while both of those are excellent features, the Novabot is full of clever tricks and tech. So let’s look at how this autonomous electric lawnmower is both an expert in cutting grass and stopping crime.

The Novabot is a truly impressive autonomous lawnmower

Think of the Novabot like a Roomba, but for your lawn. The Novabot is stuffed with cameras and sensors that make it aware of its surroundings. In fact, its built-in panoramic camera means it has a complete 360-degree field of view. But it’s one thing to just detect obstacles and another to actually work around them.

The AI inside of this electric lawnmower will trace the outside perimeter of your lawn, then mow inside it. If an object is detected, the Novabot will go around at first, but go back to that exact spot later to see if the object has moved. And if it runs out of battery, it will drive back to its charging station, then pick up right where it left off.

What’s more, the Novabot does a quality job moving the lawn, capable of cutting grass to be as low as 4/5th of an inch (or 20 mm). And the Novabot has a maximum lawn height of 2.75 inches (70 mm), which is within the standard two to three-inch recommendation for keeping your lawn healthy.

On top of that, the top-of-the-line Novabot can cut 650 square meters of grass in a single charge, and only takes 90 minutes to recharge. For perspective, the average residential home has over 900 square meters of lawn space. So while this autonomous lawnmower would take at least one charge to cut it all, it’s still plenty capable.

For most autonomous lawnmowers, that’s where the list of features ends. But the Novabot is no ordinary lawnmower.

The Novabot can patrol your yard after it’s finished mowing it

The Novabot Autonomous Lawnmower
The Novabot Autonomous Lawnmower | Novabot

You can download the app, or link your Novabot to your smart home, and send a simple command for the robot to patrol your home. It won’t mow the grass, but can utilize the built-in panoramic camera to ensure no trouble is brewing. And if anyone does try to trespass, the Novabot will send an alert to the app to make you aware of any impending danger.

Now, you may be thinking there’s a simple solution to get past this home security lawnmower: steal it. After all, if you remove the lawnmower from the equation, then there’s nothing patrolling the house. However, you can’t simply steal the Novabot either.

The Novabot is equipped with anti-theft software that will alert the owner if it crosses the boundary of your lawn. This is to ensure nobody tries to steal it to use on their own lawn, but adds an extra level of security to your home as well. In other words, nothing gets by the Novabot.

With advanced systems for cutting your grass, and protocol for patrolling your house at night, this autonomous electric lawnmower is unlike any other. But if you want to buy one, I have some bad news: the Novabot hasn’t entered production quite yet.

You can show your support for the Novabot by backing the project

The Novabot Autonomous Lawnmower
The Novabot Autonomous Lawnmower | Novabot

The Novabot N1000 and N2000 are available for preorder right now on the company’s IndieGogo page. There, you can buy the Novabot and other accessories such as extra blades and the charging station. On top of that, you can purchase them in packs of two, meaning you may be able to have two autonomous lawnmowers working together.

Right now the prices are slashed in half for early bird investors who preorder the product. The makers of the Novabot are charging $1,299 for the N1000 and $1,599 for the N2000. Deliveries are estimated to be made in July of 2022. But you only have 18 days to support the project before the prices shoot up.

The retail price for these electric lawnmowers will be double what they are now. So if you’re interested in having a Novabot for your home, now is the time to buy one. Otherwise, your home will be left unprotected, and your lawn in disarray.


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