Not So Smart Car Police Chase Ends in AZ Arrest

When you think about a police chase it’s all choppers, speeding patrol cars, and an exciting fast-pace pursuit that come to mind. An old muscle car roaring down the highway with several cops cars in a close chase, sirens raging and lights flashing. Turns out, you don’t need more that 100 hp to run from the cops.

On the morning of Wednesday, April 22, 2020, a man alerted onlookers in a Walmart parking lot in Gilbert, Arizona by screaming and yelling suspiciously. The police arrived on the scene were the man allegedly refused to speak with the authorities.

He then jumped in his Smart Car and went for the ride of his life.

From Gilbert to Pheonix

The Smart Car chase began its course in Gilbert in a Walmart parking lot. The man is said to have then driven away with police in pursuit. They asked him repeatedly to pull over, until a police helicopter came in for back up.

The Smart Car, driven by the determined man, barreled down the interstate at top speeds, working its mighty horsepower to the max. (Smarts get anywhere from 50 to almost 90 hp depending on year/model)

Gripping Smart Car Police Chase in Arizona

The reporters in the video continue to comment on the rarity of a Smart Car police chase and admit it’s a “first” for them.

Thankfully there was little traffic on Arizona highways in the area at that time. The cop-evading car careened nearly as fast as it could until exiting the highway and stopping at a traffic light. At this point one reporter mentions that the driver “may not even know” that he is being pursued by a police chopper at the time.

The Smart ForTwo looks like a tiny toy car from the view of the news helicopter as it films this unprecedented event.

The driver headed out West on I-10, presumably making a break for it. Cops give chase on the highway for some distance until they call off the chase, allowing the Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter to take over.

DPS pursuit lasted some time until they called off the chase. At this point the driver must have thought he’d outrun the law in his faithful little Smart, but running from the cops is not so smart. He ended up apprehended just West of Phoenix.

The Arizona Smart Car Chase Ends in Arrest

Though DPS ultimately called off the original chase, by 11 am the scandalous maneuvering microcar met its match. Authorities spotted the vehicle on Interstate 10 in Buckeye. A final pursuit finished the 60-70 mph chase.

According to area news site, the suspect was taken into custody. The safety of the public is no longer jeopardized by this tiny ForTwo. In fact, depending on how it all pans out for the suspect this Smart Car might be sitting in the driveway for quite a while.

Police Pursuit of Smart Car ForTwo

Though this may not be what you expected to see in your news feed, the Arizona Police pursuit of a Smart ForTwo has ended in justice. We can only speculate at the driver’s motive, but we are pretty certain we won’t see this again for a long time –– maybe ever.