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SUVs are among the most popular vehicles in the world. Anyone looking for a safe, reliable, family hauler will find use in a spacious two or three-row SUV. However, some are better than others. Toyota‘s models have dominated sales figures for many years and gained love from many consumers. However, for the 2022 model year, not a single Toyota SUV cracked these top three rankings from Edmunds.

Edmunds’ doesn’t have a single Toyota SUV in its top 3

2022 Toyota RAV4 hybrid - not a single toyota SUV cracked the top 3 rankings for Edmunds in any segment.
2022 Toyota RAV4 hybrid side view by a snowy mountain | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Experts at Edmunds ranked SUVs in just about every category you can think of. Extra small, small, small three-row, midsize, three-row, large, then various luxury and performance models. There are many excellent options out of the standard models (excluding luxury and performance). However, it’s surprising that not a single Toyota SUV appears in the top three. How did such a popular brand lose to three or more other models in every category?

Edmunds says its experts test over 200 vehicles per year on a test track. In addition, they use a 115-mile loop of city streets, highways, and “winding canyons.” Using this experience, the experts then judge each model based on over 30 scores covering performance, comfort, interior, technology, utility, and value.

Toyota RAV4 failed to impress the experts

Firstly, the top three in the small SUV category are the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, and Nissan Rogue. Down in ninth place sits the ultra-popular Toyota RAV4. Overall, it scored a 7.7/10, which isn’t too much lower than the 8.1 Edmunds gave Honda’s offering. There isn’t a massive disparity in the small SUV class scores, but what made the RAV4 fall so far?

According to Edmunds, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 has a lackluster powertrain. Moreover, the engine is slow to accelerate and has a “modest power delivery.” In addition, the steering could be better, as it doesn’t feel great to control the SUV. As a result, the publication says it’s easy to misjudge your steering inputs. The top-rated Honda CR-V has a fast, peppy turbocharged engine that left testers feeling happy.

Both midsize Toyotas fall short

not a single toyota SUV cracked the top 3 rankings for Edmunds in any segment.
2022 Toyota Venza | Toyota

In the midsize SUV segment, Toyota has two offerings. One is the Venza, and the other is the 4Runner. However, they’re outside the top three and aren’t particularly close. In first place is the Honda Passport, which scored the same as its smaller sibling, with an 8.1/10. The second is the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, and the third is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. All three models scored within .2-points of each other.

Way down in fifth place is the Toyota Venza. It received an overall 7.8/10, which is surprising. Many other experts gave the 2022 Venza high marks, often finishing at the top of the rankings. Edmunds doesn’t like the Venza’s small size for a midsize model, higher cost for the base trim and the Toyota SUV isn’t rated for towing.

As for the 4Runner, it finished further down in eighth place. Moreover, the reviewer dislikes only three crucial things about the midsize model. Firstly, it has a choppy ride compared to other modern models of similar size. Next, the V6 engine is inefficient on fuel. Finally, 4Runner models have a tall step-in height, making it a bear to climb in and out of the cabin.

The 2022 Toyota Highlander can’t beat the Kia Telluride

2022 Toyota Highlander - not a single toyota SUV cracked the top 3 rankings for Edmunds in any segment.
The Toyota Highlander SUV driving past a lake | Toyota

If you’re searching for a midsize three-row SUV, you’ll widely find the Kia Telluride recommended. It seems to be at the top of every reviewer’s rankings, and for good reason. Other models struggle to provide the safety, reliability and features Kia does for such an affordable price. Toyota’s offering in this class of vehicles is no exception. You’ll find the Highlander way down in sixth after the top three Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, and Honda Pilot.

Edmunds’ biggest gripes with the Highlander both involve interior space. Firstly, the third row is for kids only, meaning average-sized adults won’t be able to sit comfortably for more than a few minutes. That’s never a good sign, as people buying a three-row SUV usually intend to use the last row. In the same vein, there is below-average cargo space behind the third row, which is surprising considering there’s no room in the seat.

Toyota’s large SUV is the worst of the bunch

A white 2022 Toyota Sequoia driving in front of mountains.
2022 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

Out of six different large SUVs, the Toyota Sequoia finished dead last. First is the Chevrolet Suburban, which received a 7.6/10 overall. Close behind is its corporate cousin, the GMC Yukon, with the same score. Next are the Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Nissan Armada, in that order. Finally, following every other SUV with a score of 6.9/10 is the 2022 Toyota Sequoia.

The publication says even by large SUV standards, the Sequoia gets poor gas mileage. Fuel economy is essential today, and even larger vehicles need to find a way to tone down their usage. Next, audio controls and front central cupholders are challenging to reach, which is vital in a family SUV. Lastly, the infotainment looks and feels outdated, a common problem among Toyota’s models needing updates.

No Toyota SUV cracked the top 3

Why didn’t any Toyota SUV models manage to make the top three of Edmunds’ rankings? In each segment, there are various complaints about the Toyota models. Although some fell to sixth or further, none had a particularly terrible score. Overall, the experts usually dislike just a few things about the Toyota SUVs. Although, a few of them are due for a refresh, so it might be worth it to wait another year or two.