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Despite recent rumors, Dodge has announced that the Chargers and Challengers of tomorrow will not retain a V8 powerplant. Whether that is good news for you or not, the march of Mopar muscle moves on. Here’s what we know about the unfortunate V8 story and the upcoming electric age of Dodge. 

Is Dodge getting rid of the Hemi?

Unfortunately for internal-combustion fans, Dodge will do away with its V8-powered muscle cars. Those same enthusiasts might find solace in the simply hilarious horsepower that Mopar muscle has made over the years. However, fandom can’t stop the auto industry from electrification. Not even Dodge can escape it. 

The next Dodge Chargers and Challengers will not have V8s, but will be electric Dodge muscle cars.
Dodge Charger | Stellantis

Will the next-gen Chargers and Challengers have a V8 option?

The upcoming replacements for the Dodge Chargers and Challengers will not have a V8 option. Instead, the next generation of Dodge muscle will be battery electric vehicles (BEVs). That’s the story for the Charger and Challenger replacements too. 

Still, a recent story suggested that the next generation of Dodge muscle cars would pack at least one V8 option. However, Motor1 dispelled the rumor after discussing it with a Dodge spokesperson. Specifically, the Dodge representative told Motor1, “the story is incorrect,” and “the next generation will be BEV.” 

When will Dodge discontinue Challengers and Chargers?

Unfortunately for the Challenger and Charger platform fans, the cars are getting the ax by 2024. However, the Challenger and Charger aren’t the only ones; Stellantis, Dodge’s parent company, is headed for electrification. According to The Motley Fool, Stellantis expects 50% of its US profits to come from EVs by 2030. 

What will Dodge’s electric age look like?

Dodge will likely release several electric vehicles, from trucks to muscle cars. According to InsideEVs, the American automakers will likely produce an EV variant of the Ram 1500. That seems like a prudent move, considering the electrification of the Ram’s top competition, the Ford F-150, and the Chevrolet Silverado. 

Considering last year’s electric muscle car announcement and the current lineup of Chargers, Challengers, and Durangos, we can expect many Dodge EVs. It wouldn’t be surprising to see EV derivations of the Challenger, Charger, Ram, and an SUV like the Durango. 

The Dodge Challengers of tomorrow will be electric Dodge muscle cars instead of V8 cars.
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat | Unsplash

Is Dodge making an electric car to replace the Charger and Challenger?

The upcoming Dodge electric muscle car, currently known as the e-Muscle, will mark a different era for the brand. Many fans believed that the e-Muscle would serve as an entirely different platform. That means the Challenger would coexist with the BEV e-Muscle. However, according to InsideEVs, it appears that the e-Muscle will replace the Challenger altogether. 

However, Chargers and Challengers aren’t going quietly into the night. Recent news suggests that the next Challenger may make more than 900 horsepower. Further, horsepower figures like that would put the potential halo car ahead of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. That would be a fitting send-off for one of the most iconic muscle cars ever made. 

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