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While diving straight into an awesome car like the Ford Mustang as your first car can be tempting, you really shouldn’t. Sure, there are less potent versions of the Mustang throughout all generations that don’t use a V8 powerplant. However, regardless of the amount of power it’s putting down, the rear-wheel-drive layout and sporty nature of the Mustang can spell disaster for new drivers. Additionally, it’s woefully impractical.

Low fuel economy and high insurance costs make the Mustang a poor choice

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2022 Ford Mustang Convertible | Ford

According to Motor and Wheels, the Mustang is not really something fiscally feasible for most teens in general terms. Sure, a select few have wealthy parents who are willing to pay for fuel. Additionally, some new drivers may have a decent-paying job and a short enough commute that the fuel economy isn’t much of a worry. Largely, though, teen drivers behind the wheel of a Mustang are likely to be spending a disproportionate amount of their income driving them.

It isn’t just fuel that makes that the case, either. It’s no secret that insurance companies charge higher rates for young drivers. This is especially true for younger drivers that are relatively new to driving. Additionally, insurance companies charge a premium for “high risk” cars like rear-wheel drive coupes. Ultimately, putting the two together makes for a pretty substantial insurance premium.

On the plus side, the Mustang is a pretty affordable car to maintain. In the U.S., just about any part you need for an older Mustang model is on the shelves are virtually every auto parts store. Additionally, they are pretty straightforward to work on and make for a great starting platform for DIY car repair tasks.

Let’s be honest, though. Everyone knows the real reason a Ford Mustang is not a great car for beginning drivers.

The temptation is there, and it can cause all kinds of problems

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A 2022 Ford Mustang California Special | Ford

We’ve all heard the age-old adage. Just because you have the horsepower doesn’t mean you have to use it. While that’s a simple thought on paper, it typically doesn’t go over all that well in practice.

Think back to your teenage years and all the questionable things you did behind the wheel of a car. Realistically, think about all the questionable things you did in general. If you can honestly say that you would have been responsible enough to have a Mustang, then consider yourself one of the few teens that are!

We all know why the Mustang is popular. It’s rich in history for being a dominant force on race tracks, whether drag strips or road courses. Of course, the likes of Carroll Shelby and Jack Roush making extra spicy Mustangs and cooking tires like steaks is, well, influential.

Let’s be honest; you don’t have to be a teenager to get excited about a GT500 whipping around a corner with authority. However, the combination of knowing what’s possible and not having the driving experience to execute such maneuvers can be disastrous. You’ve seen the Mustangs leaving car meet videos. All it takes is a crowd of eagerly waiting onlookers, and even adults can’t help themselves from getting reckless in a Mustang.

Unless you’re coming from a history of go-kart racing or something similar, buying a Mustang as a first car is far from ideal. Get a cheap beater car and some driving experience. Then, save money for a Mustang in the future.


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