Not a Single Car on Consumer Reports’ List of Most Reliable Cars Should Be There

  • The Toyota Prius is the most reliable hybrid on the market
  • Both the Prius and the Miata eschew stereotypes about their segments
  • The Mazda Miata is a reliable sports car that won’t empty your wallet

Hybrids are complex. Their combination of gasoline engines and electric motors can, in some instances, make them pretty damn unreliable. Much the same argument can be made for a sports car. However, two of the cars on Consumer Reports’ list of the most reliable cars eschew both these assumptions. The Mazda Miata is always the answer for reliable fun, and the Toyota Prius and Prius Prime show the world that a hybrid doesn’t have to be unreliable.

No AWD in the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime only makes it more reliable

A red Toyota Prius Prime shot in motion from the front on a forested back road
The Prius Prime is shockingly reliable | Toyota

We’ll start with the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime. It’s important to point out that all the cars on Consumer Reports’ list are new, and thus, we only have a “predicted reliability score” from the publishing marque. Regardless, the Prius Prime scored a perfect 5/5 in Consumer Reports’ predicted reliability segment.

The brand states that the Toyota Prius Prime earned this score thanks to the outstanding reliability of previous model years. In fact, the last five years of Prius Prime models scored a 5/5 for reliability. Seeing as there’s no major mechanical changes to the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime, we feel confident in Consumer Reports’ rating on the hybrid sedan, and that score makes it not just a reliable hybrid, but a reliable car full stop.

What problems does the 2022 Toyota Prius have?

A black Toyota Prius hybrid shot through light fog in a photo booth from the 3/4 angle
The Toyota Prius shows that complicated hybrids can be reliable | Toyota

Moving down the price bracket, you’ll find the base Toyota Prius also helps to eschew that reputation for complexity and unreliability that some hybrids and EVs have. Given the similarities between the Prius and its bigger Prime sibling, it’s no surprise that the base model Prius has some stellar reliability scores. However, the key distinction here is just how stellar the previous model year’s reputation for reliability is.

There isn’t one bad mark against the Toyota Prius’ reliability scores from 2011-2021. It’s hard to think of another car, let alone a hybrid, that can boast the same. Of course, a lot of that is down to how slowly Toyota integrates changes into their models. Toyota is known for making their car’s reliability a priority, so when they do change something, it had better be more reliable than the last one.

The 2022 Mazda Miata means sports cars can be reliable

A pair of Mazda Miata sports cars shot from the 3/4 angle on a city street
The Mazda Miata proves you don’t need BMW money for sports car fun | Mazda

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Finally, we’ll round off the list with the sportier Mazda Miata. The small sports car has long been a go-to for driving fun, but new buyers will be pleased to hear the 2022 model year is just as reliable as older Miata models. Like the Prius, data here is largely coming from samples of Miatas past. Most of them fare well, but the 2017 Miata certainly had some growing pains. Whether it’s sporty or practical reliable transport that you’re looking for, these are both choices that won’t immediately come to mind. And for us, that’s part of the appeal.