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From “constrained” to not available. That’s where 2023 Z06 Corvette orders are at as of today, September 6. Chevy has pulled the plug on Z06 orders for the rest of the year. It appears only a few buyers will get a shot at owning a 2023 Z06. They were forewarned by the recent announcement of constrained production. But constrained went to adios in a short two weeks. 

How many Z06 Corvettes will be built?

2023 Corvette Z06 | GM

Chevy is being mum about what all of this means. GM Authority was the first to announce that only 10 percent of Z06 orders are scheduled for production. But that could mean almost anything. It could be that 10 percent of all orders are currently being built so far, or this month, quarter, or year. 

Obviously, this is a fluid situation. But because we don’t know how many orders Chevy has received, 10 percent of an unknown amount is 10 percent of nothing. And really, the build situation affects all 2023 Corvette orders. At least Chevy has fessed up about the Stingray orders. According to information directly from Chevrolet, there are over 5,000 orders backlogged. 

Why have Z06 orders been stopped?

2023 Corvette
2023 Corvette Z06 | GM

Chevy is laying the blame on supply chain issues. But you probably knew that already. If it has already stopped taking orders, it is likely that many Z06 orders won’t be filled with 2023 models. So if you had your heart set on getting a 2023 model, you better adjust your desires to a 2024 Z06 quickly.

There is always the possibility that the suppliers in question can find the materials needed to get back on schedule. Or, Chevy could find a different supplier with better resources. But with 2023 production having started at the end of May, Chevy has had three months to access Corvette production overall.

July 28 is when Z06 order books were first opened. So in a little over a month, Chevy is being overwhelmed enough to stop taking orders. And production of Z06 models just started at the beginning of this month. 

What about the Z07 carbon fiber option?

2023 Corvette
2023 Corvette Z07 | GM

And then there is the Z07 carbon fiber aero package availability. That has been yet, another supply chain mess that was already severely limiting its availability. Those lucky enough to see their orders filled for this can probably expect a handsome return should they opt to sell it.

But be forewarned. If Pace Car and ZR1 Corvettes are any indications, rarity does not always translate into profits. Many a 1982 Indy Pace Car and 1990s ZR1 got mothballed for collectibility. But they have not seen the returns collectors were expecting. And though it wouldn’t be a factory Z07, the aftermarket will come to the rescue with knock-off carbon fiber pieces. So, in time, that will soften real Z07 sales.

But in the short term, with the buzz and anticipation around the Z06 right now, they should be selling for a premium, either through stealerships or lucky private owners.


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