No, a Custom Six-Wheel Pickup Truck Still Can’t Outrun the Cops

Even though Mercedes never sold the G63 AMG 6×6 in the U.S., the six-wheel pickup truck is an icon over here. After all, as cool as the G-Wagen already is, a pickup truck version looks even cooler. With an extra two wheels on top of that, it might not be possible for the G-Wagen to get any cooler. If you can afford one, it’s also a sign you have a crazy amount of money because these things were “if you have to ask” expensive when new and even more valuable now.

But just because the G63 6×6 is what most people think of when they hear “six-wheel pickup truck,” that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. There are several companies out there that will happily turn your pickup truck into a six-wheel mall crusher if you give them enough money. As one driver in LA just learned, though, that custom 6×6 may be a heck of an off-roader and ridiculously powerful, but you can’t just drive wherever you want.

Wait, what happened?

By the time you read this, the chase will probably have taken place yesterday since, at the time of publishing, most people across the country were either asleep or headed to bed. But KCAL9, an LA CBS station, reports that police were in pursuit of “a suspected reckless DUI driver.” Unlike most police chases, though, this allegedly drunk driver was behind the wheel of a custom six-wheel Ford pickup truck.

The truck was originally said to be a Hennessey Velociraptor like the one Post Malone owns. As popular automotive Twitter personality and Roadshow social media editor DS Golson pointed out, a closer look at the truck in question makes that a lot less likely. In the tweet below, Golson makes the case that it’s much more likely that we’re looking at a Ford Super Duty that was modified for SEMA.

Is everybody safe?

Details are still coming out, so it’s possible the driver injured someone we’re not aware of, but at least for now, it looks like nobody was injured during the chase. But that doesn’t mean the driver didn’t try to pull off some crazy moves. After reportedly driving the wrong way down a different road, he pulled into a Taco Bell parking lot, tried to shake the cops, and ultimately stopped after failing to pull off a left turn and hitting a light pole.

Thankfully, the suspect didn’t appear to be armed, so the chase didn’t devolve into a shootout. With a helicopter overhead and several police cars blocking his escape, the suspect surrendered. Last we heard, he was still in custody.

This is incredibly dangerous behavior


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I can hear the pushback now. “Of course it was dangerous. Everyone already knows that.” But while we agree drunk driving is dangerous across the board, there are a couple of factors here that make this an exceptionally extreme example.

First, he was reportedly driving on the wrong side of the street, putting other drivers in a ton of danger. There’s also the fact that even in LA, driving through an urban area so recklessly puts pedestrians in danger, too. And finally, the fact that it’s lifted makes any potential wreck that much deadlier. In addition to the frequently poor visibility, other vehicles on the road aren’t necessarily designed with lifted trucks in mind. Nor is the human head designed to be hit by a massive piece of metal.

In response to the increased danger of lifted vehicles, pedestrian safety advocates such as Angie Schmitt have begun to put more pressure on cities to regulate hood height. And as a big fan of off-roading and trucks in general, that’s not great to hear. On the other hand, displays of reckless arrogance like this make one heck of a case for why it would be a good idea.