NMoto Converts BMW Motorcycles Into Working Art Deco Masterpieces

I’m not John Doe. So, I’m not going to drive John Doe’s car. The same can be said for many motorcycle owners. Thankfully, there are diverse ways to customize a motorcycle, depending on the given budget. But, what if you want to really out there and do something extensive? NMoto, a company based out of Florida, has a few answers to that question for BMW owners.

BMW R nineT motorcycle Turnkey Art-Deco Masterpiece 

A black and white custom, hand made motorcycle against a backdrop of dusk.
NMoto Nostalgia custom hand made motorcycle | NMoto

The BMW R nineT is a popular motorcycle from the manufacturer. But, for those riders looking for something different, there is an art deco masterpiece built upon the R nineT workings. NMoto will provide a turnkey model called the Nostalgia that flanks both sides of the frame with custom pieces and modifies the gas tank. There are, of course, many other custom touches. But, the totality of the upgrades converts the original into something that is unmistakably cool – a tribute to the 1934 R7 prototype. The Nostalgia is available now, and NMoto has a nice configurator on their site so that the finished product can be unique to each rider. Pricing depends on how the bike is configured but starts just under $90,000. Orders take approximately three to six months to be completed.  

BMW R sevenT motorcycle kit

Maybe the Nostalgia model is a bit too pricey, and someone owns a BMW R nineT already. The art deco flavor can still be achieved for that motorcycle too! NMoto offers a conversion kit appropriately called the R sevenT kit. According to their site, it takes the average mechanic only six hours to put the kit together. There is no welding, drilling, or cutting involved with the kit. It bolts on. The kit is available now for $6,950.

A quick search on Facebook Marketplace and eBay Motors turned up donor bikes that could be purchased starting around $7,700. So, for approximately $15,000 an old bike can conceivably have a complete makeover with the kit. Then the purchaser would have a conversation starter at the next motorcycle show.  

The Golden Age BMW conversion

NMoto is currently working on another gem. The Golden Age model is a concept kit right now. But, it is another beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It takes the BMW C400X platform and converts it into a modern interpretation of a 1936 Henderson Courtney prototype motorcycle. The flowing fenders, the traditional double kidney grilles, and the city bike size make this model a real eye-catcher. Pricing has not been determined yet. However, the release date is expected to be in the Spring of 2021. Reservations are being accepted. 


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Art-deco styling with modern performance, reliability, and safety should be a big draw for potential customers to NMoto. And, it is. Even Billy Joel, the famous singer and songwriter, has stopped by its headquarters to look at what NMoto has. Also, when NMoto showed up at Pebble Beach in 2019, Jay Leno stopped by to take a look twice.