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Nissan shows an incredible EV commitment with new electric semi-trucks used for delivering Nissan EVs to local dealerships. Working out of the Port of Los Angeles, two heavy-duty Class 8 trucks powered entirely by electricity will begin to deliver Nissan vehicles shipped from Japan to local dealers.

Which companies have Nissan partnered with for this EV commitment?

Nikola Electric Semi-Truck Towing a Load of Nissan Ariya SUVs from the Port of Los Angeles to a Local Dealership
Nikola Electric Semi-Truck Towing a Load of Nissan Ariya SUVs | Nissan

The two electric semi-trucks delivering Nissan vehicles come from two different companies. According to Prime Mover Magazine, Nikola, and Kenworth, each provides a truck for this new project. Nissan also partnered with Avant-Garde Auto Logistics LLC, a woman-owned transportation company, to conduct this program.

The collaboration doesn’t stop with these three companies. Wallenius Willhelimsen will install a charging station to support these trucks operating out of the Port of Los Angeles.

Although much of this electric plan sounds small, it has to start somewhere.

“Exploring the use of BEV trucks for new vehicle delivery is an important milestone in our journey toward carbon neutrality throughout our business” – Chris Styles, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Nissan North America

What Nissan vehicles are being delivered by these new electric semi-trucks?

2023 Nissan Ariya Parked at a parking deck - The Ariya is the first Nissan electric SUV
2023 Nissan Ariya | Nissan

The first Nissan vehicles heading to the local Downey Nissan in California are 2023 Nissan Ariya SUVs. This seems fitting considering the commitment made to become carbon neutral and lower tailpipe emissions. It would seem sacrilegious to have electric vehicles delivered by diesel-powered semi-trucks, but most vehicles will arrive in this manner. Currently, only two of the electric semis exist for this new project.

What does Nissan intend to learn from using these electric semis?

The anticipated proof-of-concept should help this partnership understand how well they can use these electric trucks for vehicle delivery. Nissan plans to deploy additional trucks in the Los Angeles area and eventually use these battery-electric vehicles for other logistical needs.

Delivering new Nissan electric cars to local dealerships solves the emissions problem in a small radius. Eventually, Nissan, and most automakers, hope to find charging solutions that could allow electric semi-trucks to replace diesel-powered trucks for long-haul trucking needs.

How soon does Nissan intend to be carbon neutral?

Nissan is on the clock; at least it feels that way. Thankfully, Nissan’s EV commitment to becoming carbon neutral has a deadline of 2050, which seems reasonable. As one of the first automakers to use all-electric semis to hall new vehicles to dealerships, Nissan is solving at least one portion of the journey.

In addition to adding electric semi-trucks to the local delivery routes, Nissan set a target of 40 percent of U.S. sales being electric by 2030. Many states require 50 percent EVs by 2035, and a few have a target date of 2030, which puts Nissan directly in line with expected EV sales increases.

If this new program is successful, we might see more electric semi-trucks carrying Nissan Ariya SUVs and future Nissan electric cars to various dealerships around the country.


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