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While the Nissan Xterra was discontinued in 2015, used SUV buyers have been giving this vehicle new life. The Xterra might not be the top pick for an overland build. But, when modified properly, this SUV can handle some pretty rugged use. If you are looking for your next overland build, that is something that you are likely to appreciate. So, should you buy a used Nissan Xterra and transform it into a true adventurer?

Can the Xterra overland?

The Xterra shares a lot of its DNA with the Nissan Frontier and Nissan Pathfinder. This makes it a fairly rugged vehicle, even in its stock form. If you are interested in purchasing this Nissan SUV for overlanding purposes, you will want to opt for the PRO-4X trim.

This package brings a lot to the table, and it can even come outfitted with a manual transmission. Allowing you to row your own gears while you’re out on the trail. That said, in order to make this vehicle an actual overlander, you will need to make some modifications. 

Is the Nissan Xterra a good SUV?

The Xterra had a lifespan of two generations in the United States, and it is good at what it was built for. In the words of Nissan, it has everything that you need and nothing you don’t. According to MotorTrend, with enough work, the Xterra can be transformed into a legitimate off-road vehicle. 

Through the aftermarket community, you can improve the suspension, add improved skid plates, and even equip things like a winch for vehicle recovery. Plus, the Xterra looks the part. And with the second generation of this vehicle, you get a standard V6 engine. Giving you the power of six cylinders. 

Can you off-road the Xterra?

Even in its stock form, the Nissan Xterra can handle some light off-roading. And with the right modifications, it can hold its own on the trail. Although this SUV might not be the most popular, its affordable pricing makes it worthy of consideration. 

A yellow Nissan Xterra demonstrates its off-road ability.
Nissan Xterra | NX1Z

If you want to use the Xterra for camping, it can even tow a small trailer. You can also use it to tow toys, like an ATV or other lighter items. And that is something to be appreciated, especially if you want to build an overland SUV. 

Should you buy this SUV?

The Nissan Xterra has been out of production since 2015. Because of that, if you want one, you have to buy used. Generally speaking, these SUVs typically sell for under $20,000, but for one in pristine condition, you will likely pay more. The Xterra came in a variety of trim levels, the most capable of which is the PRO-4X model. 

A black Nissan Xterra sits in a parking lot.
Nissan Xterra | IFCAR

Why Did Nissan Get Rid of the Xterra?

Keep in mind, that you will likely want to do some upgrades if you are planning an overland Xterra. So, expect to pay some extra money after you buy your Xterra. How you choose to modify this Nissan SUV is entirely up to you. But as any auto enthusiast knows, these things can quickly become money pits.