Nissan Provides the Product for Amazon’s Biggest Delivery

Amazon Big Smile

What’s the largest object someone can order from From swing sets to bed frames, the online retailer sports all sorts of large household objects, but those all come in pieces. The largest single item that one can order — to the best of our knowledge — that arrives as an assembled unit, in its own box and everything, is a Nissan (NSANY.PK) Versa Note. Some sightings of the giant box have surfaced online, sparking curiosities across the Internet as to what could be in the giant box that was seen on the back of a flatbed, and emblazoned with a bold Amazon logo (it also says ‘Nissan’ and ‘Versa Note’ on the other side, too).

Automotive News explains that the stunt was arranged by a Nissan dealer, who had organized the deliveries of three Versa Note cars to appear as if they had been delivered by the giant web retailer. The dealer worked with Amazon directly, reportedly, so everything was well and good from a trademark and copyright point of view.

“We did co-promotion with Amazon last fall, where we offered our customers and Amazon customers the opportunity to order a Nissan Versa Note through the Amazon website — the first time anything like that’s been done,” said Nissan’s director of interactive and social media marketing Erich Marx, to AdAge.


Vinay Shahani, who is Nissan’s then-director of marketing communications and media, told Automotive News last year that, “The whole idea was to have a little fun in an effort to get people buzzing about Nissan.” Shahani has since moved on to work for Volkswagen AG. Reddit users quickly picked up on the unusual marketing tactic, and even comedian Jerry Seinfeld — a passionate car devotee — joined the fray on a Reddit AMA he executed earlier this week.

“I just saw what is #1 on reddit and this is almost as fake as the Amazon Drone delivery system. But WOW if it was real! There’s no way it would say Amazon just once on that box,” he said.

Only, it was real — sort of. To Jerry’s point, Amazon didn’t need the extra logos to push their point — the box’s sheer size started the conversation, and the Internet was able to do what it does best — snowball that conversation into a national discussion. We’re just left wondering if our Amazon Prime memberships allow for free shipping in this case.