428-HP Nissan Patrol Nismo Might Be the Best Version of the Armada We’ll Never Get

In case you’re not familiar with the 2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo, that’s essentially just another name for the brand-new Armada. While the U.S. version of this full-size SUV boasts a V8 engine and plenty of space, it’s quite far from sporty. That’s where this brand-new Armada variant steps in, although it won’t be coming to the U.S. anytime soon.

It’s called the Patrol Nismo, and as its name suggests, it is a more powerful variant of the SUV we all know. However, this model purely exists to serve one very selective market of buyers across the Middle East. Let’s take a look at exactly what we’re missing.

What is a Nissan Patrol Nismo?

An image of a 2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo out on the road.
2021 Nisan Patrol Nismo | Nissan

Just one look at the 2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo reveals exactly what it is, a massive SUV with a sporty new edge. For starters, this Armada variant gets a redesigned front end with a new bumper that is significantly longer than what we normally get in the standard variant. The bumper also gets a new lower lip finished in red paint, which neatly transitions into the brand new side skirts.

The 2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo’s rear end gets one of the largest changes with a massive rear bumper. Aside from having motorsport-inspired design cues, this new bumper extends quite significantly. To top things off, the massive SUV also got a rear spoiler.

However, the 2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo’s improvements are more than just skin deep. In fact, Nissan Middle East reports that this SUV also gets a power bump. In the U.S., the Armada pumps out 400 hp from its V8 engine. However, this new sporty variant develops an additional 28 hp for a total of 428 hp.

How much does this SUV cost?

An image of the interior of the 2021 Nissan Patrol NIsmo.
2021 Nisan Patrol Nismo | Nissan

While the 2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo boasts some upgrades we’d love to see in the U.S.; it certainly comes at a steep price. That’s because this SUV starts at 385,000 AED, or around $105,000. For context, a brand-new Armada starts at $48,600 in the U.S. Even the most expensive variant available in the U.S. starts at $68,000.

However, it is worth noting that cars in the Middle East are subject to completely different tax regulations.

While this SUV might seem quite expensive on the surface, Nissan seems very confident that it has found the ideal market for this product and is doubling down.

Is the Patrol Nismo exclusive to the UAE?

An image of a 2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo out on the road.
2021 Nisan Patrol Nismo | Nissan

Will the Nissan Patrol Nismo Become the Off-Roading Armada?

While the 2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo will debut in the United Arab Emirates, it’ll be sold exclusively in the middle east. For U.S. readers, this might seem a bit unusual, especially given the cost of developing this low-volume variant. However, it does make sense given how well the Patrol sells in this region.

While the Armada might not be a big seller in the U.S., the Middle East is a completely different story. As a result, Nissan firmly believes it’ll easily sell this six-figure variant in the region. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Nismo will ever make it to the U.S.