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The Nissan Max-Out concept car takes the stage at Auto Shanghai tomorrow, bringing an exciting future of EVs to reality. No longer will we only discuss solid-state batteries as a possibility; this incredible electric convertible uses them. Of course, before you get to the batteries, you’ll be blown away by the incredible laser light show of the new Nissan Max-Out.

The design of the Nissan Max-Out concept car is futuristically historic

Nissan Max-Out Concept Interior Showing the Laser Light Grid Pattern - This electric convertible uses solid-state batteries
Nissan Max-Out Concept Interior Showing the Laser Light Grid Pattern | Nissan

The glossy, glass-like surfaces of this EV convertible reflect the surroundings. This gives the car the feeling of movement, even when it’s sitting perfectly still. The reflective surfaces are pretty cool, but the best things happen when the lights are out.

Once in the dark, the Max-Out concept shows its real personality with a grid of green laser lights covering the car’s wheels and interior. This laser light show is reminiscent of the Tron movies, where the characters moved around on a laser grid.

It’s easy to say this new Max-Out EV is here to grab our attention and take us into the future.

Why are solid-state batteries a special addition?

Until this new electric convertible hits the stage, almost all of the EV batteries used worldwide are lithium-ion models. Nissan could be the first to turn to sold-state technology, giving us safer, more efficient batteries with greater performance. If these batteries can be affordably made, they could be a real game changer in the auto industry.

If solid-state batteries become useful in EVs, they provide higher energy density, faster charging, are more stable, and can be built faster than current lithium-ion batteries. The energy density could be a huge factor. A chance to solid-state batteries could mean cutting the weight of many EVs by two-thirds compared to lithium-ion batteries, according to MotorTrend.

How much power does the Nissan Max-Out concept offer?

This EV is considered a lightweight car, especially compared to other EVs. It uses the e-4ORCE dual-motor AWD system to send power to all four wheels, making driving it more fun. Although Nissan didn’t release the power figures for this electric convertible, a Leaf concept with this powertrain setup returned 304 horsepower and 501 lb-ft o torque. This could be plenty of power for some serious fun.

The Max-Out EV brings a retro vibe to the future of driving

Nissan Max-Out Concept Car On a Stage
Nissan Max-Out Concept Car | Nissan

Aside from the incredible laser light show, this new electric convertible concept car is a two-seater drop-top that brings a cool retro Eighties vibe to the stage. The front and rear feature long rectangular grilles with the lighting grid that refuses to let go of our gaze.

Looking inside, the top half of the steering yoke is illuminated. The seats are large lounge-style models that offer comfort and style. This might be a two-seat convertible, but that passenger seat can flatten. This offers more storage space, ensuring the Max-Out becomes as practical as it is stylish.

Will Nissan produce the Max-Out?

Nothing’s been confirmed to lead us to believe this car will be anything more than a concept vehicle. Still, it could be the cool future Nissan sports convertible that we’d all want to drive. This new Nissan Max-Out concept takes the state tomorrow, giving the world a brand-new light show and a glimpse into the future of EV battery technology.


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