Nissan Is the Least Reliable Asian Car Brand, According to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is excellent for providing unique feedback about various vehicles, both used and new. The CR team uses thorough, independent testing, as well as sentiments shared by actual vehicle owners like you, to make their determinations. Still, there’s more to some of these Consumer Reports’ reliability and dependability studies.

Yes, you can explore the reviews and official rankings of particular vehicles through the lens of reliability. However, you can also rate the various automakers on their overall reliability. For example, Asian automakers from Japan and South Korea dominated the site’s latest reliability survey. Still, not every car brand can come out on top. Here’s a closer look at which automaker the CR surveys suggest is the least reliable car brand out of Asia.

Top-performing Asian automakers that aren’t all that surprising

You can’t have a Consumer Reports reliability study without seeing certain top-performing Asian automaker badges at the top. Toyota, for example, with its consumer and critic favorite Camry, is known for building reliable cars. However, in this latest survey, Consumer Reports points to a few other Asian automakers at the top of the list. In fact, seven of the top 10 most reliable brands happen to be Asian brands.

Yes, Toyota still holds the top spot at number one. Still, other Asian models are proving to be incredibly reliable, including Lexus, which is now the second most reliable Asian brand. Mazda comes in on this roster at number four, rounding out the Japanese companies. However, it’s probably no surprise to learn that the South Korean automaker, Kia, is also in the top 10, sliding in at number nine of the most reliable brands.

The least reliable Asian automaker, according to Consumer Reports

An illuminated Nissan logo on the 2023 Nissan Leaf all-electric hatchback model
An illuminated Nissan logo | Nissan Motor Corporation

Not every automaker can be a winner. While Nissan has plenty of great vehicles in its portfolio of sweet rides, reliability wasn’t its strong suit this year. Among the CR rankings, the least reliable Asian automaker is Nissan, at No. 15 on the list. Remember, CR uses actual feedback from vehicle owners about repairs, maintenance costs, and complaints. So, predicted reliability for an overall brand considers the entire fleet of vehicle reliability ratings. 

Despite some improvements, including the Nissan Rogue earning above-average reliability ratings, Nissan had more than a few entries that fell below average. Consumer Reports shared dissatisfied vehicle owner details about the Nissan Pathfinder, which included complaints about in-cabin electronics and power equipment. Additionally, the Nissan Frontier and Nissan Sentra were also below average in reliability.

Which Nissan model is the least reliable in the automaker’s lineup?

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Consumer Reports’ 2022 Annual Auto Reliability Survey Reveals the Most Reliable New Cars and Car Brands to Buy In 2023

As USA Today points out, some models prove to be less reliable than others. The publication’s coverage of this latest Consumer Reports list of the most reliable vehicle brands reminds consumers that pickup trucks don’t typically fair well in reliability studies, given the sprawling menu of options and engine configurations alone. Hybrid vehicles, along with midsize and large sedans, tend to be the most reliable models of all, given their long history of perfecting designs and engineering.

So, which of Nissan’s vehicles is the worst of the worst in this reliability study? Based on consumer feedback and ownership experiences, the Nissan Sentra is the least reliable in the Nissan fleet of 2022. According to Consumer Reports, trouble areas include braking systems, climate control hiccups, paint and trim complaints, and substantial reports of noises and leaks.

When it comes to building reliable vehicles, Asian automakers tend to be top performers with fan-favorite vehicles that everyday drivers love. Still, not all Asian brands rose to the top in this latest CR study. Nissan has some improvements to make if it hopes to compete with the likes of Toyota, Kia, and Lexus in reliability.