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Even if you aren’t ready to hop into an EV, the Nissan Leaf is improving the ownership experience. Nissan, along with Fermata Energy, has the first approved bi-directional charger for the Nissan LEAF in the U.S. Which versions of this popular electric vehicle will this charging work on? Most recent LEAF EVs are compatible with the Fermata Energy FE-15, but keep reading to discover the specifics.

This new Nissan LEAF bidirectional charging technology works on 2013 and newer versions

The Nissan Leaf bidirectional charging helps reduce ownership costs
The Nissan Leaf EV | Nissan

You probably know what bidirectional charging is without knowing it. The Nissan Leaf EV can send energy back into the electric grid. Nissan approved the  UL 9741 certification for the Leaf’s bi-directional charging systems. The charger, named the  Fermata Energy FE-15, has met Nissan’s requirements for the LEAF. Now, the Nissan LEAF and the Fermata Energy FE-15 can charge the EV and generate electricity at the same time.

“Bi-directional charging technology means not only charging the Nissan LEAF, but also sending energy stored in the vehicle battery back to the building or the grid.”  


Currently, the Nissan LEAF is the only fully electric vehicle on the U.S. market to be able to supply energy back to the grid. This will allow owners of the LEAF with bidirectional charging to charge the EV and save money by doing so. Plus, bidirectional charging will help reduce the cost of ownership. The technology is called vehicle to grid (V2G) or vehicle to building (V2B), depending on where you want the extra energy to go.

The Nissan Leaf’s new bidirectional charging won’t impact the warranty

Nissan says this new bidirectional charger will be particularly helpful for those with fleets of LEAF EVs. The electric load can be monitored using the Energy Demand Charge Management app and the FE-15 charger so that when demand is higher, the Nissan LEAF can provide energy. When electricity is higher and demand increases, the Nissan Leaf can “safely send energy stored in the battery to the grid during peak energy demand times.”

While battery technology is improving daily, Nissan says using this Fermata Energy FE-15 bi-directional charger won’t impact the battery warranty. This has become a hot topic in recent months as automakers have a standard 10-year-warranty on most EV batteries, but some unlucky people have not been covered.

However, there are a few stipulations. This new charger only works on 2013 Nissan LEAF vehicles and newer ones. It also requires states to have utility demand response programs in place. At the time of publication, 34 states are equipped with such programs.

Interested parties can contact Fermata Energy for the EV charger

This operation is another step in the right direction for the Nissan Ambition 2030 plan. Nissan plans to launch 23 electrified models, 15 new electric vehicles, and 50% electrification by 2030. Residential buyers and companies with fleet vehicles can contact Fermata Energy to order this new Nissan LEAF FE-15 bidirectional charger.

The company says you can “generate revenue or save on building electricity costs” with the charger, which sounds good all around. Fermata calls the platform Vehicle-To-Everything (V2X) and says it can help make fleet vehicles “batteries on wheels.” While the Nissan LEAF is the first, it won’t be the last. It will be interesting to see how it goes in the first few months, especially as winter rolls around.


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