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Purchasing a camper van with a DIY project in mind can certainly be a great way to save some money. But, in order for these projects to be successful, you either need to know what you’re doing or have enough passion to see your project through. These types of camper vans aren’t meant to be homes on wheels, but they offer enough amenities to make your mini-vacation as ‘homely’ as possible. showcases a new concept put out by Nissan that could offer exactly what you need in your camper van project without all the work. What is this kind of van, and what makes it unique?

What kind of camper van is this, exactly?

The Nissan NV350 Caravan OGUshow ES Mobility Concept is a new kind of camper van on the market. With several travel vans out there, what would make this one unique? Well, quite a few things, really. Basically, it combines two important aspects of our daily lives during this time when distancing ourselves from others when possible is important. 

This van, coined by Nissan as a “workation” vehicle, partly caters to our remote work responsibilities, while the other allows you to relax, and wind down on a mini-vacation on the road. All the features that Nissan put into this van, is designed to bolster either need. 

While there are luxury vans out there that you can travel with to work away from the office, not many let you comfortably switch from work to leisure without actually having to move the vehicle to another location.

This van comes with unique features that lets you transform the space to either perform your work or to relax and watch some of your favorite shows. 

What are its highlight features?

One feature that truly makes it a “workation” van is the fact that it has customizable features to work with. This van, like many others offers plenty of space to organize your bins and other items.

In the rear of the camper van is a flip bed. You can let it down and add the paneled cushions that comes with it. Plus, you can make it a bed to sleep in, a couch to relax on, or even a sofa to work in. 

You can travel with a surfboard or fishing rods and enjoy some leisure time at the water after a day of working. The tailgate has a built-in rod that can you can hang your wet clothes on to air dry. If you just want to take in the lake air, then simply relax on your sofa with the tailgate propped open. 

The right-side rear window is blackened out and has a drop-down shelf that can be used for almost anything. Set your small television on it, use it as a laptop desk, or let it down when you need a side table for your personal items. The left-side rear window can be adjusted to darken when you want a restful nap or a good night’s sleep. 

What else does the Nissan camper van offer?

Powering up this work station camper van is a 2.0-liter gasoline-powered engine, which produces 128 hp. Or you can upgrade to the 2.5-liter diesel engine instead, which offers 127 hp. The 2.0-liter motor comes with 2WD, but the diesel engine offers both 2WD and 4WD as well. 

The camper van also comes with battery packs that you can use for powering small, electrical appliances. You’ll also have the option to add an outdoor tarp, which protects you from the sun while you work.

Plus, you’ll get tons of storage spaces to store coolers, boxes, and even a portable toilet. Other features include LED lighting, floor mats, a mobility table, and window panels. With a rugged suspension, this camper van has the ability to go almost anywhere you want to spend a couple of days alone in the “wilderness”. 

Nissan makes some pretty useful camper vans. The Nissan Caravan OGUshow ES Mobility Concept promises to perfectly blend a day of work with a day of leisure. For those looking to get away from their stressful lives and can get some work done remotely, this would be a perfect option. 


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