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Nissan did what automakers do when unveiling a new concept vehicle. They blew the crowd away with an incredible new vehicle that hadn’t been seen before. The new Nissan Arizon Concept gave the world a look at what a new Nissan EV might become. Will this new concept become a global model or only be sold in China?

Why would the Nissan Arizon Concept become China-exclusive?

Nissan Arizon Concept on stage at the Shanghai Auto Show
Nissan Arizon Concept | Nissan

The Chinese electric car market is extremely competitive. China is ahead of all other nations in EV adoption, with more drivers turning toward these new vehicles than anywhere else. New electric cars and SUVs are required for Nissan to stay competitive in this market. The next model might be the Arizon.

What is the Nissan Arizon Concept?

This new Nissan electric SUV crossed the stage at the Shanghai Auto Show last month to offer something new. Until this unveiling, the public had not seen or heard of the Arizon. This concept SUV appeared with sculpted lines, advanced technology, a wide opening with the b-pillar removed, and underpinnings of the CMF-EV platform.

According to Electrek, this platform provides a low center of gravity, spacious, pillarless open-air interior, high-tech interior features, adjustable ambient lighting, and an auto-dimming glass roof. This platform is designed to provide the foundation for several new Nissan EVs and is currently used by the Nissan Ariya.

It’s taken Nissan a long time to get here with electric vehicles

Nissan Arizon Concept Interior - This Nissan electric SUV has a wide opening thanks to the removed b-pillars
Nissan Arizon Concept Interior | Nissan

The Nissan LEAF appeared in 2010 as the first mass-market electric car. Although the LEAF became the top-selling EV in the world, the brand took more than a decade to bring a second EV to the market. The Nissan Ariya electric SUV is the second model, and now we are waiting for the third.

Nissan’s future plan calls for up to 19 new electric vehicles between now and 2030. One could be the new Nissan Arizon Concept or the Max-Out Concept, a convertible sports car that also appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show.

What is the Nissan Ambition 2030 Strategy?

This strategy spells out Nissan’s plan to introduce new electric vehicles before the end of the decade. If Nissan intends to compete with domestic Chinese electric vehicle brands, more than three models will be necessary. By 2030, Nissan intends to have 55% of its vehicles electrified, which could include a mix of PHEVs to go along with fully electric cars and SUVs.

Will the new Nissan Arizon Concept arrive in the United States?

Nissan hasn’t mentioned bringing this new 4×4 EV concept to the US. Currently, it’s expected to be a new Nissan electric SUV for the Chinese market. If successful, it could become a global product. Of course, an alternative would be to offer something similar to the Arizon in America, but with a different name.

Considering this first view was the initial reveal of this concept, there’s still much that isn’t known about it, including the power and availability of this new Nissan electric SUV.

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