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As expected as mechanical failures can sometimes be, they’re certainly not pleasant. But even more infuriating is getting pulled over in your Nissan Altima because of a mechanical problem out of your control. Nissan Altima owners are experiencing a bizarre phenomenon regarding their prematurely dimming headlights. And in some cases, it’s causing drivers to get pulled over by patrol. This particular concern has happened enough that a group of Nissan Altima owners is taking their complaints to court. 

The dim headlight problem infuriating Nissan owners recently reported a new lawsuit targeting Nissan. The suit alleges that the low-beam headlights eventually grow dimmer, to the point that night driving can be dangerous. The group of Nissan Altima owners also claims the lights are so dim that many have been pulled over by police for improper lighting and visibility.

Adding insult to injury, Nissan Altima owners are frustrated because they’re feeling forced to avoid driving at night for fear of poor visibility causing an accident. And in some unfortunate situations, these faulty headlights have already been responsible for some Nissan Altima-related crashes.

What the lawsuit is claiming

Other lawsuit details are pointing the finger at Nissan as claimants allege the automaker knew about the problem with the prematurely dimming headlights since 2013. And despite knowing about the mounting concerns, Nissan failed to warn Altima owners about the potentially hazardous situations. 

Another pillar of the lawsuit claims Nissan also refused to provide replacement parts on the company’s dime. Nissan Altima owners were stuck with the $1,200 bill to replace both headlight assemblies. The plaintiffs, in this case, are seeking settlement reimbursements for past headlamp replacements, as well as free replacement assemblies and an extended warranty.

Which Nissan Altima models included in this lawsuit has been recommending a change of headlight assembly to Nissan Altima owners since last year. It’s apparently been an ongoing problem for a while now. According to the lawsuit, any Altima model from 2013 to 2018 can experience problems with the halogen headlights.

The suit claims the heat from the bulbs is corroding the seal around the unit in which the reflector cups or bowls are housed. Since the halogen bulbs create far more heat than traditional bulbs, including LED or Xenon varieties, the reflective coating vaporizes, causing a premature dimming. This knowledge, the plaintiffs allege, places the responsibility of the failing headlights on the design, making it Nissan’s burden to address.

What you can do if your Nissan Altima has headlight problems


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There are three claimants who are part of the lawsuit suggesting a basic replacement of the headlight bulb isn’t going to remedy the dimming. The assemblies require complete replacement to avoid complications and failing unit seals. They also claim it’s impossible to remove the haze or film that ends up damaging the reflector cup.

If you have a Nissan Altima within the indicated model years and are experiencing issues with your headlight assembly, you can join the suit. Spragens Law PLC, Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP is the firm representing the Altima owners. The lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court in Tennessee and is titled Suarez et al., vs. Nissan North America, Inc. 

Nissan Altima owners really love their sedans. But there may be problems with the headlight assembly that can be potentially dangerous. Before you buy a used Altima, check to see if the headlight unit has been replaced. And if you own one of these cars with faulty dimming headlamps, you can explore your options with the law firm representing others in the same boat.