Nissan 4×4 Van Is Ready For Overlanding Straight Out Of The Dealer

There is an increasing amount of people turning to overlanding and vanlife to simplify their lives and enjoy the outdoors more. For those that choose these avenues choosing the right rig is important. Nothing can derail a launch into the road less traveled like a bad choice of vehicle. Likewise, not having the right accessories and equipment can be a problem too. But the choice of vehicle, accessories, and equipment for your overlanding dreams has been made much easier now.

A black, lifted, 4x4, full-size van that has been converted for overlanding sits on a dirt road
An overlanding conversion of a Nissan NV 3500 van | TFLTruck

The Nissan full-size van

Nissan has a full-size van that is capable of transporting people and has extensive space for people to equip their temporary or permanent rolling headquarters any way they might want. So, a lot of people might choose that as the base of their own overlanding project. But, Ken Garff Nissan in Salt Lake, Utah has taken the overlanding growth seriously and brought to market a full-size van that is already outfitted with everything you might need, and it is all covered under the factory warranty.

Pic of the rear of an overlanding conversion on a Nissan van
An overlanding conversion of a Nissan NV 3500 van | TFLTruck

The dealership overlanding van conversion

The dealership begins converting a rear-wheel drive, V8, Nissan NV van by giving it a six-inch lift kit. This makes it better able to clear brush and rocks. Of course, a change in tires is needed to go with the lift kit. So, a set of 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grapplers are wrapped around 20-inch wheels and installed to the rig. Additionally, the Nissan 4×4 internals from a Titan are mated to the stock Nissan internals of the van. So, the van is now able to grip the terrain with all four tires.

Now that suspension, wheels, and tires have been taken care of a few other things are nice to have added to your overlanding vehicle. A heavy-duty front bumper (which is prepared for a winch) from Avatar is added. Throw in side steps that double as rock rails, a light bar, a roof rack, a roof tent, an external ladder, an outdoor shower, water and gas cans, a hi-lift jack, and a cooler, and you come up with a pretty capable overlanding machine that can still tow 9,000 pounds.

The inside of the vehicle can be equipped with passenger seating all the way back. This would be great for touring areas with friends. Or, you can purchase the cargo van version instead so you can outfit the interior to accommodate your mobile living needs such as a bed, kitchenette, storage, etc. 

A pic of the front passenger side of a black van that received anoverlanding conversion
An overlanding conversion of a Nissan NV 3500 van | TFLTruck

Review of the overlanding van

A video reviewing the dealership’s van conversion has become available. The reviewer tested a conversion that is being offered at $83,000. But, the dealership’s website says that the 4×4 conversions of the van start at $46,697. You can see the video below. 


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As shown, the lifted, full-size, 4×4, Nissan van seems to be a pretty capable machine. Whether the consideration is for an overlanding trip for a few days, or to join the ranks of those living the #vanlife, the conversion from Ken Garff Nissan seems to check all the boxes for bare necessities. Yet, there is still room to add things according to a person’s taste and needs. The best part of the overall package is that the rig comes with a factory warranty. So, that will bring some peace of mind when it comes to all the upgrades. 

What do you think? Is it time to drive off into the sunset?