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We learned about supply and demand in middle school, but this past year has really driven the point home. The Nissan 370Z is nearly sold out across the country, and that seems weird when you know that only 28 of these Nissans were sold in Q1 2021. Sales might be slowing, but that doesn’t mean demand is. 

2019 nissan 370Z in blue
Nissan 370Z | Nissan

The 370Z is still a hot commodity 

According to Autoblog, the 28 units sold in Q1 represent a 95 percent decrease in sales from Q1 of 2020. Even though the percentage is pretty rough, that doesn’t necessarily mean people don’t want the little rear-wheel-drive coupe. 

This model has been hot with the tuner and street racer crowd for 12 years. It wouldn’t make sense for that popular of a model to all of a sudden collapse seemingly overnight. CarsDirect believes that the sharp decrease in sales is due to the supply. It is far more likely that dealers are sold out than it is people just don’t want them anymore. 

The Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and the Nissan 370Z

Don’t worry. If you want a Nissan 370Z, there are still a few out there; you just have to find them. A Nissan spokesperson told Autoblog, “We’ve investigated, and there are still a few vehicles left in inventory…We cannot comment further outside of the statement,” the source added. 

2019 nissan 370Z in blue
Nissan 370Z | Nissan

The good news is that there are still some 370Z cars out there; the bad news is that there don’t seem to be many. Again, never fear. There is more good news for the Z car lover. 

What’s next for the Nissan 370Z? 

Although the 370Z will be no more once the remaining few are sold, Nissan fans do have the Nissan Z Proto to look forward to. We don’t have any number attached to the model just yet, so we only have the letter “Z” to cling to right now. 

This prototype Nissan sports car is still living mostly in the shadows for now, but we do have a few details, educated guesses, and assumptions to wet our whistles in the meantime. 

As previously covered here at MotorBiscuit, the 2022 Nissan Z is coming hot with a trimmed now nameplate and hot paint job. As many tried to make an educated guess with the name “400Z,” Nissan had other plans. The new model will be called the Nissan Z. In the Japanese market, it will be called the Fairlady Z. 

While we still don’t know all that much about the new Z car, a leak from March let slip the price or at least an approximation. The 2022 Nissan Z is said to start at less than $35,000. When you take into account, the cheapest Toyota Supra starts at $42,000, that is pretty dang reasonable. 

What engine will the 2022 Nissan Z have? 

According to Autoblog, the reason the name 400Z was thrown around is that the Nissan Z will have a 400-hp version of the twin-turbocharged, 3.0-liter V6 currently found in the 2021 Infiniti Q50. The new Z will benefit from this new strong motor alright, but some carryovers from the old model will also be heartily welcomed. 

The new Nissan Z will stay true to its old self by only weighing 3,252-lb (dry), staying RWD, and coming with a six-speed manual as standard.

It is fair to say that although we are seeing the very last of the Nissan 370Z cars disappear from the lots, the new Nissan Z will be a welcomed replacement for many Z car fans. 


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