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Since Nissan Skylines are trickling into the U.S. under the 25-year import rule, you might see more on the streets. But most of the Skylines on the street could use a good wash and restoration after the journey here. The people at NISMO have you covered, if you have $430,000. This is a part of the Heritage Parts Program that launched back in 2017, but a bit more in-depth.

The NISMO Nissan Skyline restoration will be one of a kind

NISMO Will Restore Your Nissan Skyline
NISMO Will Restore Your Nissan Skyline For $430,000 | NISMO

NISMO is actually Nissan Motorsports (NIS MO), just a separate brand of the Nissan brand everyone already knows. This particular offering comes directly from NISMO Japan. The process is called NISMO restored car, and it is pretty an in-depth process for Skyline restoration. The company defines this restoration as a way to bring back a “certain level of performance of a particular vehicle when it was new.”

It goes beyond just visual additions and bolt ons, but makes the Skyline one-of-a-kind for the owner. A NISMO restore car restores the body, engine, and any parts that might need updating. It will also get a special model plate to show it was a full restoration.

The Skyline body will be corrected and restored as needed. It starts with a total disassembly of the car body. The company will remove all major and minor parts to ascertain the condition of each bit. NISMO will measure and repair any parts that need attention. Plus, owners can repaint the Skyline in any color imaginable.

The full Nissan Skyline restoration by NISMO is incredibly extensive

The engine will be fully dissadembled like the exterior. Upon taking it apart, NISMO will overhaul, clean, balance, and upgrade whatever needs attention. You can also opt to get a new NISMO tune while you are at it. Buyers can also upgrade or switch out the drivetrain, brakes, or whatever else might need it at that time.

For the Nissan Skyline interior, the experts will clean and refresh the inside. You can also opt to upgrade or replace the interior. This includes cloth or plastic parts that might show wear. NISMO will inspect and replace deteriorated parts at this step. Since flame retardation wasn’t a thing when the Skyline hit the market, NISMO will upgrade the fabric. If that doesn’t work, the experts at the shop will clean the fabric and restore the plastic trim.

After all of that is completed, the Skyline will be placed on the dynamometer and will go on a test drive to ensure it is in tip-top shape. The test drive consists of seven course and 12 various tests within that. The Skyline will also go through a ride comfort test. Upon completion of the test drive, NISMO will record all of the part numbers and various pieces that have been a part of the restoration.

The restoration will cost you, but it will be worth it


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The pricing offered by NISMO says $430,000 (¥45,000,000), including tax. This is dependent on the model, grade, model year, condition, and whatever replacement parts are needed. If you are interested in this process for your Skyline, buyers have to pay 80% up front. The other 20% will be due at time of delivery. NISMO anticipates the restoration taking up to a year, depending on some of the factors previously listed.

The Skyline has to be shipped to Japan, but you will get updates and photos as the process progresses. If a full restoration isn’t in the cards for you, there are less intense restorations and refreshes available from NISMO. Depending on how much people are paying for a Nissan Skyline these days (read: insane amounts), $430,000 isn’t even that bad. Live out your Fast and Furious dreams in a fully-restored Skyline. “What’s the retail on one of those? More than you can afford pal.”