Nikola Motors Adds Electric Powersports to Pickup and Semi Lineup

Nikola Motors is a name that may have been heard in relation to electric vehicles. The company has an electric pickup about to be launched, as well as three different types of electric semi tractor-trailers. Nikola was also recently on the news for having raised more in its public offering in the stock market than Ford is worth. But, the manufacturer does not just deal in pickups and semi-trucks. It also is into electric powersports.

Nikola Electric Badger pickup truck on display
The Badger | Nikola Motors

Off-road side-by-side ATV/UTVs

Nikola currently has tow side-by-side, electric, ATV/UTVs. Both of them serve different purposes, but have the same battery performance specifications. It does not end there, however. The company has also waded into the marine side of powersports with its own jetski type of vessel. 

Nikola NZT

The first side-by-side model is the NZT model. It boasts some pretty strong performance figures. Zero-to-sixty is rated at 4.0-seconds. Horsepower comes in at 775, while the torque is rated at 590 ft.-lbs. The side-by-side also has twelve inches of ground clearance, and the battery pack is waterproof. So, crossing creeks should not be a concern, especially with the Fox shocks to aid in traversing the grade. Those are some incredibly powerful numbers for a streetcar, let alone an offroad, nimble, little side-by-side. Also, the NZT will give riders a 150-mile range before needing to be recharged. 

A white and black Nikola NZT ATV/UTV sits on a dirt canyon road.
The NZT | Nikola Motors

Nikola is taking deposits on its NZT. Those deposits are fully refundable and begin at $250. Interestingly, the deposit will be matched by the company. So, in essence, the deposit placed by the consumer will be doubled. 

The NZT does not come inexpensively, however. That model has a starting price of $80,000 for the open cage model. There is also an enclosed model at additional cost. 

The electric NZT sits by a campsite with a makeshift screen in the background. The screen has a movie projected on it.
The NZT | Nikola Motors

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Nikola Reckless

The second Nikola side-by-side is the Reckless. It comes across as a beefed-up NZT model. Also, it seems more focused for local government security forces or mercenary teams in wargames scenarios (insert grunt here, followed by a Hoo-rah). It has a state-of-the-art cooling system to reduce its thermal signature, and since it the Reckless is electric, it has near-silent reconnaissance capabilities. No pricing is provided for this model, only a “Contact Us” link on Nikola’s website. 

A camouflaged electric Reckless sits at a charging station.
The Reckless | Nikola Motors

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Nikola Wav

The Nikola Wav provides the company with entry into marine sports. The Wav is a jetski-like vehicle, of course, with electric power for motivation. No specifications are provided yet on the vessel other than saying it is waterproof, has instant torque, and sportbike ergonomics. According to Nikola’s website, the vessel starts at $20,000.

A blue Nikola jetski is on shore.
The Wav marine vessel | Nikola Motors

It is important to note that Nikola has very little actual products manufactured. So, the company has been receiving a lot of criticism, especially in light of its recent stock market IPO. However, the company has received backing from significant players. That interest is making the company look more stable, and the conceptual work more likely to come to fruition in mass scale. Still, due diligence is suggested before entering into any agreement with the company.

The rear lights of the Nikola Wav are on as it sits on shore by a campfire.
The Wav marine vessel | Nikola Motors

The side-by-side ATV/UTV and watersports segments seem like a logical step for Nikola as it looks to establish a footprint quickly in the electric vehicle industry. So the NZT, the Reckless, and the Wav seem like natural extensions of their business philosophy. Additionally, it would not be surprising to see the company branch out further into other segments once it starts mass-producing products. Nikola RV, anyone?