‘Nice Ford, But Can It Order Pizza?’ Yes, Yes It Can.

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Chalk this one up under “unlikely alliances”: later this year, owners of Ford vehicles will have the option of ordering a pizza from Domino’s through a special app from within the car, thereby eliminating that awkward period when you first get home and are trying to order food and get settled after a long workday. Or something.

With Ford’s dedicated application, users can place an order for a pizza with a couple of hands-free commands into their smartphones. Essentially, the user will input some information — payment info, address, and their favorite pizza and menu combinations — ahead of time. Orders may then be communicated via the mobile app using simple voice commands provided by SYNC, The Detroit News reports.

“This will be the first time anyone has been able to do this sort of e-commerce from a vehicle,” J. Patrick Doyle, the CEO of Domino’s, said in an interview with The Detroit News. “The ability to tie all of this together with [Ford’s] SYNC system and be able to order Domino’s while driving safely is a pretty big step forward.”

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For Ford, the pizza-ordering program is yet another expansion of the company’s proprietary infotainment app library, which has been growing as more companies take advantage of Ford’s open developers platform.

“We’re thrilled to add Domino’s to the ever-expanding lineup of mobile apps Ford drivers can use hands-free,” Julius Marchwicki, global product manager for Ford SYNC AppLink, said in a statement. “Americans love pizza and now they can have one ready for carryout or delivery when they are are on their way home or heading to a gathering with friends.”

Doyle said to The Detroit News, “The convenience of solving dinner that night while driving home is a pretty interesting step forward for us as traditional leaders around convenience within the pizza industry.”