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NHRA, the sanctioning body for professional drag racing, is presenting a first-of-its-kind Pro Mod class shootout specialty race in August. It will be run at Brainerd Raceway in Minnesota, sponsored by D-Wagon. The Pro Mod winner will see a $10,000 prize.

What is Pro Mod racing?

NHRA Pro Mod
Pro Mod driver Rickie Smith | Getty

Pro Mod race cars are essentially like the Pro Stock, but with blowers. And nitrous. Plus, it allows for anybody from a VW Beetle to the latest Camaro. These differences between the two-door slammer classes are what make Pro Mod so popular with drag racing enthusiasts. These are the fastest door slammers in NHRA

Pro Modified has an almost infinite amount of combinations. But essentially, it is based on what induction the engine has. Turbochargers and superchargers are in one class, and nitrous oxide in the other. But the engine manufacturer is wide open. But cubic inches and certain restrictions on induction intake vary. Fans love comparing the combinations, manufacturers, sponsors, and drivers. 

This Pro Mod NHRA shootout is a first

Kenny Lang Corvette
Kenny Lang Pro Mod Corvette | Getty

Now, to have its own shootout sanctioned by NHRA is a first. It shows how integral the class has become to drag racing, especially going forward. And by their nature, it allows for that “anything goes” outcome. Fans don’t know what will happen between the Christmas tree and the traps, at over 250 mph. That unpredictability has been missing in drag racing for some time. 

Pro Mod has taken a while to become accepted by the NHRA faithful. “A lot of people have come in to try and help, but many had their own agendas, and it wasn’t necessarily with respect to what was good for the class and NHRA,” Danny Rowe told Drag Illustrated. He was both an owner and driver in the class until 2018. “Our goal is to grow and build Pro Mod drag racing and make decisions that are the best for the class and its longevity.”

What’s so special about this race?

1969 Chevelle Pro Mod
1969 Chevelle Pro Mod | Getty

The specialty race means that the winner of the shootout can qualify for the next day’s overall Pro Mod event win. That means another $10,000. “Our fans at Brainerd International Raceway enjoyed seeing NHRA Pro Mod in action for the first time last year, and we knew they were already excited to see the class return to the schedule,” Brainerd International Raceway Owner Kristi Copham said.

“We’ve been extremely pleased to welcome several new partners in the NHRA Pro Mod class this season, putting the class on a great path for the future,” NHRA Vice President of Racing Administration Josh Peterson said. “The parity in the class has been terrific this year, we’ve already seen a lot of tremendous racing through two events, and we’re excited to see NHRA Pro Mod continue to grow.”


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