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Unlike driving cars, motorcycles require a ton of gear to ride safely. While the Schott Perfecto leather jacket might be the most iconic bit of kit, the motorcycle helmet has the highest potential to be cool. The Portuguese-made Nexx XG200 motorcycle helmets are among the coolest dual-sport motorcycle helmets on the market. 

The new Nexx Off-Road tracker against a white background. This is one of the coolest dual-sport motorcycle helmets on the market.
The Nexx OffRoad Tracker Dual-Sport Motorcycle Helmet | Nexx

While many people love vintage motorcycle helmets, they simply aren’t safe enough to justify wearing. Nexx has taken many of these vintage motorcycle helmet designs and modernized them enough to make them safe while still staying funky and stylish. The newest dual-sport motorcycle helmet offering is the Nexx XG200 Offroad Tracker, and it looks so good you may want to buy a bike just to get this helmet. 

What is the Nexx XG200 Offroad Tracker

Nexx is one of the last standing motorcycle helmet makers that still manufacturers 100 percent of their helmets in Europe. Much like the American manufacturing market, most EU makers have exported their labor to less regulated markets to pay workers lower wages. Nexx has very proudly kept all of its production in Portugal to maintain its stellar quality control. 

Silodrome reports that the newest member of the Nexx XG200 model family has come, and it is the Offroad Tracker. If you are familiar with Nexx, you know that while these vintage-style dual-sport motorcycle helmets aren’t the only thing Nexx does, they are the coolest. 

Not only are these dual-sport helmets the coolest Nexx product, but they also might be one of the coolest dual-sport motorcycle helmets, period. 

The shell of the Nexx XG200s is made from their patented X-MATRIX 2 material. This proprietary compound comprises fiberglass, 3D organic fibers, high-performance organic fibers, biaxial fiberglass twile, and organic fibers. All that to say, these motorcycle helmets are pretty damn tough. 

What size motorcycle helmet should I get? 

The new Nexx OffRoad tracker against a white background. This is one of the coolest dual-sport motorcycle helmets on the market.
The Nexx Off-Road Tracker Dual-Sport Motorcycle Helmet | Nexx

The sizing of a motorcycle helmet matters as much as the quality of the materials. If you get the wrong size motorcycle helmet, it can be as dangerous as not wearing one in the first place. Because of this, Nexx offers two different shell sizes across six overall helmet sizes. 

Helmet sizing is so important that Nexx offers XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Instead of simply filling a one-size-fits-all shell with padding to fit different head sizes, Nexx makes a smaller shell and a bigger shell. 

Inside the Nexx XG200 Offroad Tracker motorcycle helmet, you’ll find an industry-standard impact-absorbing EPS layer and a padded liner that utilizes “X-Mart Dry” technology. To keep things fresh, the liner is completely removable and washable, and it has a drying rate twice as fast as normal cotton. 

Coolest vintage-style dual-sport motorcycle helmet

It is no secret that Nexx designed the XG200 series to look like the 70s and 80s enduro and dual-sport motorcycle helmets. This vintage style mixed with these modern compounds gives riders the vintage motorcycle vibe while keeping their heads screwed on tight in the event of a spill. 

The Nexx XG200 Offroad Tracker helmet can be adjusted in several ways for a more comfortable and secure fit. It has a two-position peak, chin ventilation, top ventilation, a soft anti-sweat, and anti-allergic fabric inner lining, and it’s fastened with a standard double-d ring buckle.

Luckily, being stylish and safe doesn’t cost an arm and a leg in this case. The Nexx XG200 Offroad Tracker costs $399.95, which in the motorcycle helmet market is pretty reasonable. This is doubly true considering how many uglier motorcycle helmets are out there for similar money. Nexx has hit the nail on the head here. From aesthetic design to functionality, the Nexx XG200 is right in the sweet spot.