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Tesla is always doing new things, staying ahead of the technology curve as far as electric vehicles. It seems that Tesla may be at it again. A brand new Tesla Model Y body was spotted at the new Tesla factory in Texas. The new design will impact not only the body, but also the Tesla Model Y battery. Plus, it just may inform the next generation of electric vehicles.

The gray structural battery pack body of a Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y body | Tesla

The new Tesla Model Y may have a structural battery pack

The Tesla Model Y battery pack may be a little different in the next Tesla Model Ys. That’s the thought after a whole new Tesla Model Y body was spotted at the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas. According to Electrek, the new Tesla Model Y is getting a new structural battery pack. This has been long-talked-about and is done on a few obscure luxury cars. Tesla making the change could pave the way for a lot of other car manufacturers to make a similar change.

The new Tesla Model Y structural battery pack and 4680 battery cells are a new concept. They may be part of the latest Tesla Model Y’s production, which was slated to start at the end of 2021 in the new Tesla Gigafactory Texas. Electrek says that production at the Gigafactory is essential to Tesla being able to grow.

How do structural battery packs work?

A drone shot of a Tesla Model Y
Tesla Gigafactory Texas | Jeff Roberts

Structural battery packs in this case will consist of “large cylindrical cells and package them into a single module battery pack that also acts as the structural platform on which you install the vehicle’s body.” Electrek also notes that Elon Musk says that this technology will be revolutionary.

Basically, the Tesla Model Y won’t have a floor, but instead, have only a battery pack. The things that are typically attached to the floor will be attached to the battery pack instead. This would result in a lighter vehicle, which also means that it should get more miles per charge. That could be huge for electric vehicles. There’s no word yet on when this type of Tesla Model Y could be available, but it may be the 2023 Model Ys.

This isn’t the Model Y’s only new technology

The 2022 Tesla Model Y is also getting a new User Interface (UI). It’s the same User Interface that’s currently in the Tesla Model S, and it’s unlike anything in any other Tesla right now. This User Interface should be able to do more and it’s possible that it will eventually expand to other Tesla vehicles.

The new Model Y UI will have buttons on the bottom of the screen. These can be customized to better meet the needs of the Tesla driver. You’ll also be able to drag and dock windows to different parts of the screen. In addition to the customizable buttons, the new Tesla Model Y User Interface will have a mini music player. That will allow you to control your music quickly and easily.

Tesla is often ahead of the game when it comes to electric vehicle technology. It will be interesting to see if the Tesla Model Y structural battery pack spreads to other Teslas and furthermore, is adopted by other electric vehicle manufacturers. After all, many car companies are aiming to make lighter electric vehicles, and any technology that can do that is something they may want to borrow.


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