Next-Gen Subaru WRX Reportedly Coming for 2021

We are getting a better view of the next Subaru WRX and we love it. Subaru unveiled its concept for the next WRX at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show based on the previous year’s Viziv concept, and everyone had their checkbooks out ready to put down a deposit. Well, not so fast. 

“These things take time,” and “good things come to those who wait.” Yeah, well hopefully that time is soon. Japan’s Best Car magazine is giving us the clearest idea yet of the next WRX. They have also shown their version of what the production WRX will look like, but it’s too far off so we’ll revert to the concept from last year and hope the production WRX stays truer to that.

Subaru calls the design language “Dynamic X Solid” and says it features “greatly inflated front and rear fenders.” Yes, it does! Dimensionally, the 2021 WRX will stay pretty much the same as it is now. 

Current WRX

Let’s be honest. When the new WRX debuted in 2014 the numbers and performance were impressive, but the design was not. The translation from the 2013 concept was disappointing, to say the least.

The front overhang grew substantially, and the sexy profile of the concept disappeared. Overall proportions were mangled, and wheel openings shrank, as did our hearts. 

Viziv Concept

When the Viziv concept debuted at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, there was hope it would translate to the WRX. But like we said, these things take time. 

Those wishes were fulfilled the next year when the Viziv WRX concept was shown. So, Subaru has sort of held our collective hands to slowly guide us toward the point we are now at. We can only hope that Subaru does a heck of a job translating the Viziv WRX concept into a handsome production version. 

Subaru has already promised the fifth-generation of the WRX will be based on the “Global Platform” the current Impreza got in 2017. Just a note to add that the 2020 Impreza gets a new fascia and taillights, but nothing major from its 2019 self.

Manual Transmission

The FA20 turbo engine in the current WRX STI will make way for the 2.5-liter EJ257 with 310 hp. Subaru has also reportedly confirmed the six-speed manual transmission will continue. Excellent! 

Subaru will try its best to keep attention focused on the 2020 WRX with the all-new version heading our way. for 2021 There will be new paint and other options, but no engine tweaks or performance revisions from the current model.

2020 WRX

The 2020 WRX STI will get a limited edition of “Ceramic White” paint versions that will go on 750 WRX and 250 WRX STI models. Ceramic White is a solid white without metallic or pearl. You know, like how all refrigerators were painted for 100 years. They will also get improved suspension tweaks, a Recaro seat option package, exclusive black 19-inch wheels, folding outside mirrors, and black badges. 

The 2020 WRX is slated to get to Subaru dealers later this fall after the release of the all-new Outback.