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The Bosch logo at a plant in Stuttgart

Chip Shortage Worsens as Bosch Says Current Supply Chain Is Inept

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Walk into a Bosch plant and you'd be able to slap together a whole car using nothing but the dumpster out back. Put another way, the German parts manufacturer makes just about everything cars. I routinely find parts on my project car that are made by Bosch, and that car is old enough to vote. However, even the mighty Bosch has been felled by the chip shortage. Now, the brand says that production methods and supply chains are inadequate for the modern world.
The BMW Corporate HQ in Munich, Germany

BMW Still Wins Out as the Best Luxury Car Brand According to Consumers

At one point in time, BMW was the best luxury car brand. So much so, that the brand became a status symbol. Basically, if you wanted people to think you were someone, you drove a BMW. However, times change, and there's a lot of new players in the luxury car segment. Take Genesis for example. The brand has quietly been sneaking up on BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Lexus. With so much choice in the marketplace, it's time to figure out if consumers still prefer the old ways, or if attitudes have shifted.
A red 1983 Pontiac Fiero in front of white pillars and a brown building lined with windows.

Why the Pontiac Is No More May Surprise You

Auto manufacturers continue working tirelessly to design, produce, market, and sell new and improved car models. However, for some car brands associated with some of the largest, most successful vehicle manufacturers, the road comes to an end. The Pontiac is one such brand that is no more.
A "No Trespassing" sign outside a Ford plant

Ford Is Keeping Employees at Home Amid COVID Surge

Whether you like it or not, Coronavirus cases are continuing to surge. The Delta Variant of the virus is becoming a growing concern, and now, many industries are taking notice. Ford is one of them. Now, the Blue Oval has elected to delay the return of many of its workers to the office. However, that raises some questions. For one, what does this mean for production? Ford has already made several delays to production, and this can very easily make things worse.
A white Avis logo over a black background
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Avis Stole a Mans Rental Car Back for No Reason

Renting a car is a pretty standard experience for most people. Usually, you show up, pick up the car, then drop it off again when you leave. Sure, there's a wilder side to it, but those are usually edge-case scenarios. However, Tarikh Campbell certainly saw the wilder side of it when Avis literally stole his rental car. In doing so, Avis set off a storm of negative PR after Campbell took to Twitter to discuss the incident. The worst part? As far as I can tell, the rental company has literally zero justification for doing so.
Mercedes Formula 1 boss Toto Wolff runs his hands through his hair

Mercedes Formula 1 CEO Toto Wolff, Lawrence Stroll Investigated for Insider Trading

Toto Wolff and the Mercedes Formula 1 team are used to being at the top. Frankly, the team is damn near unbeatable and has been for the last several years. Not many have risen to challenge them, Red Bull most recently, has done so with some success. However, this dominance on track comes with financial gains off track. For example, team boss and CEO Toto Wolff is worth right around $400 to $500 million. Did Mercedes Formula 1 boss Wolff get there not just through blood, sweat, and tears, but through some less than legitimate means as well?
tesla stocks expected to be affected by introduction of the tesla bot

This Dancing Tesla Bot is Both Awkward and Entertaining

The new Tesla Bot is the latest offering of high-tech and futuristic AI from Tesla and Elon Musk, and it was introduced in a rather awkward and unconventional manner: a man dressed up as a robot doing...well, the robot, as well as other funny and somewhat cringy-worth dance moves to garnish your attention light heartedly.