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A brand new smartphone app from Volvo will change the way you buy a car or at least shop for one. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, auto shows worldwide have struggled to open their doors. Large, indoor gatherings are a thing of the past, which hurts automakers. Volvo wanted to give consumers a way to view its newest cars as they would at an auto show, without going to one. That’s where the new “Volvo Street Configurator” smartphone app comes in, and it’ll change the way you buy a car using the automaker’s custom technology.

What does the Volvo Street Configurator app do?

A Volvo dealership, a new smartphone app being used in Belgium will change the way you buy a car.
Volvo dealership | Getty Images

This year’s Brussels Motor Show in Belgium, planned for January, was moved to 2023. Because of that, Volvo decided to do something for Belgians to see its latest cars. The solution? A smartphone app that the company claims can “turn the streets into one giant showroom,” according to CarScoops. You use it to take photos of a parked Volvo; then, the app uses AI to compare the image with a massive database of possible spec combinations to determine the model, color, and trim level.

Like many other pieces of technology, the automaker created the “Volvo Street Configurator” app for one purpose. However, an app like this could solve a significant problem for many people. Giving customers the ability to find out what a vehicle is at any time would be huge. How many times have you seen a nice car in a random parking lot but knew nothing about it?

The new Volvo app “can solve a business problem”

Volvo X60 Cross Country T5 and V60 T8, a new Volvo app will change the way you buy a car.
New Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 and New Volvo V60 T8

“The cancellation of the Brussels Motorshow was a commercial challenge, but this tool turns out to be a great solution that also fits perfectly into the evolution we are making towards online sales,” said Collin Vermoesen, Volvo’s commercial marketing manager.

“The ‘Volvo Street Configurator’ is a great example of how creative thinking combined with technology can solve a business problem. Since we launched the application, I have become aware of every Volvo in the street. I hope it has the same effect on the consumer,” added Peter Ampe of Famous Grey, the agency that developed the app.

Where is the smartphone app available?

As of right now, the app is only being promoted in Belgium. However, CarScoops reported that it could be expanding to other regions soon. The most significant obstacle in doing so is the market differences by region. Many areas get different specs on vehicles, features, or even missing models altogether. Each region’s app version will need to be refined to fit the proper models, colors, and trims to that location.

However, the real win is that competing automakers are going to grab this idea in an instant. As Volvo said, it turns the streets into a showroom. If automakers are confident enough in their product on the road, an app like this will benefit all of them. There’s no reason not to give customers the ability to get more information about a brand’s models. Plus, it’s a much more convenient way for the consumer to get information on a vehicle they like at any time. It could even prove beneficial while browsing a dealership parking lot. That’s why this new Volvo smartphone app could change the way you buy a car.


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