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When there is a vacuum in any industry, it usually gets filled. While seeming improbable, you’ll soon be able to buy a two-door 2022 GMC Blazer based on the Sierra full-size truck. It’s not being produced by GMC, though it should be. Instead, Flat Out Autos is making these conversions. It looks great, and carries on the true tradition of GM’s K5 Blazer, even though its current model by the same name doesn’t.

When will the two-door GMC Blazer be available?

2022 Chevy Blazer
Flat Out Autos 2022 Chevy Blazer | FOA

Right now, Flat Out will only be able to pump out around 10 GMC Blazer conversions in 2022. But Rob Hester from Flat Out told Muscle Cars and Trucks, “If the demand is still there, we will continue to increase production for 2023.” But according to Hester, interest is much higher than the company anticipated. 

Besides the range of gas engines available in Sierra models, the Duramax diesel will also be an option. Right now, the ECUs in GM’s Global B electrical architecture, which Chevy and GMC trucks and Suburbans use, are encrypted. As a result, nothing controlled by the ECU can be changed. So Flat Out keeps all of the sensors, including safety features, left intact. 

two-door Blazer
Flat Out starts the two-door Blazer conversion | FOA

But that leaves plenty of items that can be offered to customize what is already a highly customized SUV. That includes lift kits, upgraded shocks, wheel and tire packages, and supercharging for Blazers equipped with the 5.3-liter V8 engine. Various paint colors will also be available. 

What other conversions besides the GMC Blazer does Flat Out do?

retro Chevy Blazer
Flat Out Autos retro Chevy Blazer | FOA

Arkansas-based Flat Out is not new to these types of conversions. It was the company that brought you the two-door and four-door retro K5 Tahoe SUVs. In fact, it imported a gang of four-door Tahoes to the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi. 

It plans on debuting the two-door GMC Blazer at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, in November. Initially, it will take about six months to create the first prototype. Fixtures and jigs will be made from the prototype. Then, it takes about two months to kick out every K5 Blazer. It still offers the retro K5 Blazer, but it looks like the company’s emphasis will shift to this new venture. 

When did the original Blazer debut?

1969 Chevy Blazer
1969 Chevy Blazer advertising | GM

Chevy and GMC debuted the original K5 Blazer in 1969, three years after the Ford Bronco came out. But whereas the Bronco was its own model, the Blazer shared most components with its pickup siblings. When the rounder 1967-1972 trucks were completely changed into the square-body version in 1973, the Blazer followed that lead. 

Again, when an all-new pickup was introduced in 1988, the Blazer remained as a square body until 1992. Then, it too transitioned to the newer pickup body. The last of these full-size Blazers were built in 1994. The Tahoe name replaced the Blazer in 1995 but was essentially the same as the Blazer. 


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