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Tesla promised playable Steam video games in its vehicles a few years ago. Like the Cybertruck, it kept getting delayed and pushed back. Finally, the new Tesla update has brought the feature to life, along with a few other things. Some video games were already available on the Tesla in-dash system, but users could not access their log of Steam games while onboard. What else did the new holiday update do besides provide some entertainment for bored passengers?

Tesla brings Steam video games with new update

According to Car and Driver, a new Tesla update added playable Steam video games to the newer Model S and Model X electric vehicles. In its holiday update, the automaker wanted to give gamers a present. A few years back, Steam users, games, and Tesla owners rejoiced as they learned video games from the popular PC platform would be available in their vehicles. However, it took a while for the automaker to deliver on that promise. Now, the online library consisting of thousands of games is part of the Tesla holiday update.

Tesla says users can access and play thousands of games through Steam. As mentioned, it’s only available for “new” Model S and Model X vehicles, which isn’t clear. Are “new” models the most recent model year? Or are new onboard equipment models just coming out now as opposed to a few months ago? C/D says it likely refers to Plaid models, which come with an AMD RDNA 2 GPU in their infotainment system. These graphical processing units are powerful enough to run open-world, graphically demanding games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077.

How to play Tesla Steam video games

A Tesla infotainment screen features tons of Steam video games playable through the console with new holiday update.
Tesla Steam page | Tesla via Twitter

You’ll have to come prepared to play video games inside your Tesla. After all, who walks around with an extra controller or keyboard and mouse? The system is compatible with wireless controllers from multiple brands. Additionally, owners can connect via Bluetooth easily to play any game included. Drivers or passengers who need to spend a long time at a charger to fill their Tesla battery will enjoy staying entertained with the new feature. Loading up a video game is always better than sitting alone or scrolling through an endless Twitter feed.

Although it wasn’t explicitly stated in Tesla’s Twitter announcement, we expect Steam games won’t be playable unless the car is parked. However, last year, the automaker received negative feedback for allowing passengers to play games in a moving Tesla. Later, it used an over-the-air update to lock the function due to safety concerns. With all the distracted driving that goes on because of phones, the last thing we need is a library of thousands of Steam games while driving.

What else is in the Tesla holiday update?


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In addition to playable Steam video games, the new Telsa holiday update adds a few other things. First, Apple Music is now a feature in the infotainment system. Users can log in to their Apple account and use it to stream their favorite music as they would on a phone. Next, a new in-cabin camera view lets owners keep an eye on their furry friend from their phone while the car is in dog mode. Obviously, the mode would work for watching other things left behind in the vehicle too. Finally, there are updated light-show features included with the new update. This is exactly what it sounds like, and the automaker used a video of dancing and music to show it off.