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Toyota has always been known for its superior reliability, and we now have even more proof of this. A quick search online will reveal critics and consumers praising Toyota as a brand, and many have their own favorite vehicle. There can be little doubt that Toyota is the brand to beat regarding reliability, but iSeeCars has provided even more proof. 

iSeeCars reports that Toyota is dominating the competition

A Toyota logo on a sign.
Toyota logo | Nathan Stirk via Getty Images

iSeeCars often reports on various studies and new information coming out on vehicles. It’s an excellent site for more in-depth details on brands and specific vehicles. They recently released a study about how many miles a vehicle will continue to run before giving up the ghost. How they come about the results are fascinating.

According to the review site, “iSeeCars analyzed over two million cars produced and sold for at least 10 of the past 20 model years, ranking each model by its highest mileage-achieving cars. All 20 models had at least 2.5 percent of the top-ranking 20 models clear 200,000 miles, and the top 1 percent of these vehicles delivered between 230,000 and 297,000 miles over the last two decades.”

It’s important to note that iSeeCars isn’t focused on the maximum lifespan. Instead, it’s taking a close look at the current mileage on the odometer, meaning these cars are still roaming the streets instead of lying around the dump.

In the study, Toyota left little room for rivals. In fact, the Japanese automaker took 10 out of the 20 top slots for vehicles that will last the longest. 

Toyota vehicles may last well over 200,000 miles

Toyota has been producing vehicles since the Model AA sedan was released in 1936. Since then, Toyota has been working diligently to manufacture cars that look good and drive well, and last owners for years.

Toyota took first and second place in the study with the Sequoia and Land Cruiser. Each of these is reported to last nearly 300,000 miles. 

Other Toyotas that made the list managed to gain at least 230,000 miles. These include the Tundra, Prius, Avalon, Highlander Hybrid, 4Runner, Sienna, Tacoma, and Camry Hybrid.

Ford, GMC, Honda, Nissan, and Chevrolet were the other automakers to make the list. Honda had three vehicles. Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet each had two, and Nissan had one. 

While other automakers like Kia didn’t make the list because they have a checkered history of less-than-stellar vehicles, the Korean automaker has worked hard to begin producing very reliable vehicles. Toyota has been achieving this for years now, however.

The study backs up what others are seeing

The study reveals that Toyota took home nearly every top slot in car segments. For example, the Toyota Sequoia and the Land Cruiser took first and second place in the greatest potential lifespan SUVs division. The Highlander Hybrid, 4Runner, and the Highlander also made it into the top 20.

In the pickup truck division, the Toyota Tundra took first place. The Tacoma came in third, after the Honda Ridgeline. The Sienna is the top minivan, and the sedan/hatchback was Avalon. The Camry and Corolla are also in this division. Finally, the Prius, Highlander Hybrid, and Camry Hybrid claimed the first three top spots for the hybrid division. The only division that Toyota wasn’t in was the EV.

This study by iSeeCars just further proves what other critics have been saying for years now, that there is no doubt Toyota has turned producing reliable cars into a science.


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