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Stark Future is a startup out of Barcelona that promises to dominate the world of dirt bikes with electric power. Stark says this new electric dirt bike is the fastest in the world. They launched this bike “to show that electric technology is superior to gasoline by outperforming all traditional motocross models available.” I believe, them there is fightin’ words. Stark isn’t just talking trash, the Varg’s spec sheet can back up the claim for the fastest dirt bike in the world. 

The Stark Future Varg is the fastest electric dirt bike or any other kind, for that matter
Stark Varg | Stark Future

What is the fastest dirt bike in the world? 

Kicking things off in the wrong direction, the Stark Varg doesn’t just have the name of a giant space creature; it is actually a bit beefy. The Varg weighs nearly 25 lbs over FIM’s minimum weight for unfueled MXGP racers. Don’t worry though, once the juice starts flowing; those 25 lbs melt like butter on a summer sidewalk. 

At full gallop, the Varg makes an insane 80 hp. Keep in mind, while the Varg might be a tad on the heavy side for dirt bikes, it still only weighs 242 lbs. This electric dirt bike makes one more horsepower (79 hp) than the 2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse, weighing nearly three times as much. Needless to say, it can boogie. 

Really driving the point home, Loz Blain, a writer at New Atlas says, the most frightening dirt bike I’ve ever ridden was the KX500, a 500cc Kawasaki 2-stroke that delivered somewhere around 66 horses in a manner I found rude, inconvenient, and unlikely to help me live until a ripe old age in the company of all my original limbs.” Well said, Loz. 

The Varg is a weapon, but it has a safety 

The Stark Varg will not be dead set on killing you. It comes with five different riding modes, all with different power levels. However, the phone app will allow you to build up to 100 customized riding modes if you so choose. 

According to Stark, these modes allow you to customize the “exact settings of the power curve, engine braking, traction control, and the patent-pending virtual flywheel.” Whether you want your Varg to behave like a 125cc two-stroke or a beefy 450cc four-stroke dirt bike, you can configure the bike to behave however you want. 

The Stark Varg might be the most tech-savvy dirt bike in the game 

Aside from, what I assume must be time-bending power, this customizable power feature is one of the coolest features we have ever seen on a dirt bike. This could have major implications for teaching people to ride to having power modes for younger riders, and so on. 

The “dash” of the Varg is actually a detachable smartphone that can become fully connected with the addition of a SIM card, should the need arise. This also acts as a key; the bike won’t unlock without the phone clicking into the dash.

Lastly, the Varg isn’t just an insanely fast computer; it is also a good dirt bike. Stark has partnered with KYB on suspension, offering 12.2 in of travel at either end. When you buy the bike, you can choose between seven different rider weight ranges, and the company will spring the bike to suit your weight from the factory, provided you’re somewhere between 143-220 lbs.

From every angle, the Stark Varg seems to be a specialized weapon meant for a sole purpose; to fully and completely dominate the dirk bike world with a silent, electric fist. Look out two-stroke riders, there’s a new cowboy in town, and he ain’t shootin’ pistols – think, a Gatlin gun shooting heat-seeking laser beams. 


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