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It’s a digital world, and it’s constantly changing. The new 2023 Honda Pilot throws down the virtual gauntlet with a plethora of new smart technology. Whether you’re driving this three-row Honda SUV during your daily commute or for a family adventure, the tech features keep you entertained and on the right path. Let’s explore the smart technology offered in the new 2023 Honda Pilot SUV.

Honda started with the basics for the 2023 Pilot three-row SUV

Blue 2023 Honda Pilot Elite Posed
Blue 2023 Honda Pilot Elite Posed | Honda

It wasn’t that long ago that including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto was considered an upgrade, but that time has passed. With that in mind, Honda brings the benefits of these connectivity items into a modern cabin that features a digital instrument display and a larger touchscreen.

How are the instruments and gauges displayed in the new Pilot SUV?

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Digital Instrument Panel
2023 Honda Pilot Elite Digital Instrument Panel | Honda

Most trims of this new Honda include a standard 7-inch digital instrument panel. This screen shows a digital tachometer on the lift and a physical speedometer on the right. This screen also gives you readings and functions to make it easy to set the Honda Sensing settings in the desired fashion.

If you stretch your money to the top-level Elite trim o the new 2023 Honda Pilot, you’ll have a configurable 10.2-inch digital instrument display. This screen also shows a multi-view camera feed and connects to the color head-up display, which is part of the Elite trim.

Are there any connectivity options for the 2023 Honda Pilot?

Yes, this SUV brings a new 7-inch touchscreen in the Sport trim, which offers the connectivity of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. All other trims include a 9-inch color touchscreen and upgrade your connectivity to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If your Pilot has the Honda navigation system, the latest version is faster than ever. It delivers lag-free performance and new simplified graphics and menus to make it easier to use while driving. You might notice the touchscreen is recessed from the dash. This is meant to give your fingers a place to rest while choosing the menus on the screen.

How are the USB ports configured in this three-row SUV?

2023 Honda Pilot interior | Honda

The front dashboard area features a USB-A port and a USB-C port for charging and connectivity needs. Second-row passengers enjoy the use of two USB-A ports in all trim levels. If you step up only one rung on the trim ladder, you’ll find Qi-wireless charging up front. This change also brings two additional USB-A ports for the third-row passengers.

Does the 2023 Honda Pilot SUV offer a high-quality sound system?

If you want more than the basic sound system in this three-row SUV, you’ll need to step up to the Touring or Elite trims. This is where you’ll find an incredible 12-speaker Bose premium audio system. This new sound system offers Bose CenterPoint technology featuring a 15.7-liter capacity subwoofer box. No matter where you sit in the Pilot, you’ll hear clear sounds surrounding you during your ride.

Is this enough smart technology for you to enjoy the new 2023 Honda Pilot three-row SUV? Learn more about this new-generation SUV in the video below:


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