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Minivans have long been stereotyped as vehicles for soccer moms and large families. And due to the rise of SUVs, the minivan has also suffered in terms of sales. That said, minivans have seen a slight rebound thanks to attractive models in a more competitive segment. In turn, their sales have been doing well. Could minivans be having a moment?

Here’s how minivans are selling right now

2023 Honda Odyssey, minivan sales
2023 Honda Odyssey interior | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Sales data from March 2023 is now available for most of the minivan segment, and it’s good news all around. The Chrysler Pacifica is the best-selling minivan in America, selling 10,271 units in March 2023. That’s an increase of over 1,000 units from February, and it means Chrysler has sold almost 29,000 Pacifica minivans in 2023, sales data shows.

The Honda Odyssey is the second best-selling minivan. Honda sold over 8,000 units in March, an increase of almost 2,000 units over February. So far, Honda has sold just under 20,000 Odyssey models.

Finally, the last minivan for which GoodCarBadCar has sales data is the Kia Carnival. Kia sold just over 3,000 Carnival minivans in March 2023, an increase of about 500 units from February. Overall, Kia has sold just over 7,100 units of the Carnival in 2023.

Although those numbers aren’t huge compared to other vehicle segments, minivan sales growth is impressive. 

Minivan sales are up over last year

2022 was not a great year for the Odyssey. Supply chain shortages and other issues resulted in the Japanese automaker selling only about 48,000 units the entire year. That was a steep decrease from previous years, when Honda sold over 100,000 units annually. However, sales have bounced back, with the Odyseey’s sales improving by 77.5% compared to the same time last year.

The Carnival is a newer minivan, so its sales figures were never as impressive as the Odyssey’s. Still, Kia also saw a massive jump in sales this year compared to last year, with year-to-date sales improving by 76%.

Meanwhile, the Pacifica also saw a sales increase, though its percentage isn’t as large as the Odyssey’s or the Carnival’s. Year-to-date, Chrysler has sold about 9.6% more Pacificas than last year. 

Purely in terms of numbers sold, the Odyssey has seen the most significant jump. Compared to last year, the Japanese automaker has sold almost 9,000 more Odysseys already. These sales numbers show that, across the board, the minivan segment looks to be having a moment as consumers are buying more minivans than in the recent past.

But there’s one unknown in the segment.

Toyota Sienna sales numbers are not available

The Toyota Sienna is among the best-known minivans, but its sales numbers are murky. GoodCarBadCar doesn’t have any up-to-date data for this model yet, so it’s difficult to know if Sienna sales are growing like the rest of the segment or if they’re faltering for other reasons.

The last year that complete sales data is available for the Sienna is 2020. That year, the minivan sold only about 43,000 units. 2020 saw the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and car sales that year dropped for most automakers. However, Toyota is still invested in the Sienna, so its sales numbers likely aren’t too bad. 


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