New Nissan Z: “400Z” Twin-Turbo V6 And More!

We weren’t expecting Nissan’s all-new Z to be called 400Z but we’ll take it. Nissan’s Z-car has never disappointed, except when it hangs around too long. That’s the case now. As much as we loved the 370Z when we first saw it in 2008, that now seems like three decades ago. The 2009 Zs built upon the previous generation with lots of improvements. But that was over 20 years ago. Honestly, shame on Nissan for taking this long to come up with a successor to the 2009 370Z. We know it is a fairly low production sports car in the age of trucks and SUVs, but there is a much bigger following and demand for the Z than the last few years would indicate.

Nissan dealers have been shown images and stats of the new 400Z

NISMO, the heart and soul of Nissan performance for both the track and on the street, continues to raise the bar for straight-from-the-factory enthusiast vehicles. As the flagship of the Nissan Z® portfolio, the 2017 370Z NISMO embodies the spirit of NISMO – race-proven engineering that is attainable.

Ok, we’ve expressed our beef let’s get into what we know. Dealers have been shown images and specs about the upcoming Z and some leaks have resulted. From those that have spilled the secrets the new Z will have styling cues taken from the first 240Z in front, and the 300Zx out back. Those are not bad combinations.

Inside the 400Z gets up to date-finally. There has been much criticism thrown Nissan’s way about the 370Zs dated interior. As soft parts are the cheapest to produce we do wonder why Nissan didn’t choose to revamp the interior and then add a vent or two outside to market it as an updated Z. It doesn’t matter now.

A newly designed interior with driver-assist and big infotainment screen will be part of the deal

Interiors will feature much of what makes Nissan’s current line attractive. A modern infotainment system will debut along with connected services. Along with that will be a digital instrument display and all of the requisite advanced driver assistance tech.

According to different sources, the Z will ride on the Infiniti Q50 platforms. That means rear-wheel-drive and Infiniti-sourced powertrains. The all-aluminum, twin-turbo V6 will be lighter and quicker than the current Z. We expect it to be the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 out of Infiniti’s Q60. This is the baby brother of the 3.8-liter GT-R engine. 

With 400hp expected it makes sense the new Z is called 400Z

2018 Infiniti Q60
2018 Infiniti Q60 | Infiniti

That means at least 400 hp; which is probably where the 400Z got its name. The Q60s 0-62 times are 5.0 seconds. Since the 400Z should be lighter weight than the Q60 expect those numbers to be lower.

Nissan has been dropping the Q60 V6 into 370Zs here and there. We saw one at the SEMA aftermarket show in Las Vegas in 2018. We also know that it has been testing the drivetrain and platform disguised as a 370Z. So kudos to Nissan for some preliminary testing. 

A manual transmission and also Nismo variant will be coming down the road

More rumors insist that the manual transmission will return with the new 400Z. And while on the subject of rumors a Nismo version of the 400Z might appear a year or two after the initial debut of the 400Z. So, we’ll potentially have a faster Z to look forward to down the road.

With the coronavirus messing with new vehicle launches we were expecting a reveal possibly at the 2020 LA Auto Show in November. Now, all bets are off. But at least we’re getting more info to whet our appetites. 

Maybe we’ll have a much clearer picture of the new 400Z by summer. Let’s hope so.