New Mercedes G-Wagen Tuned to Make 888 HP

The aftermarket powerhouse Brabus is in rare form displaying the full range of capabilities that sends the newest Mercedes G-Wagen into a realm of its own.  For those obsessed with the boxy silhouette and mountain-climbing acumen of the pre-2019 Mercedes G63, the  German tuning delivers an exhilarating V112 package. As Motor1 reports, it bumps up the action of its 6.0-liter turbocharged predecessor and pays homage to the bygone era of the petrol-fueled giants.

The nature of the beast

For a limited few who can afford the Brabus-tuned Mercedes G-Wagen, the V12’s transformation from the AMG’s twin-turbo 6.0 liter V12 to a bored-out 6.3 liters is an engineering masterpiece. The boost from an already impressive 577 hp to an output of 888 hp and 1,106 pound-feet of torque produces an enviable ride.

The AMG’s billet-steel crankshaft replaces the standard internal mechanics, as does the forged pistons. Its billet-forged connecting rods enhance durability, and a reworked intake and exhaust system optimizes airflow.

The Brabus turbochargers with enlarged compressors boost engine pressure increases oxygen intake. Modified exhaust manifolds, larger downpipes, high-flow catalytic converters improve circulation. Spent air disposal is taken on by the stainless high-performance exhaust handles.

The G-Wagen is no slumbering goliath, reaching 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds. Its real stealth is observable in its lithe ability to command the most rugged terrain. The already generous 9.5-inch ground clearance is given an extra lift to accommodate an added 1.6 inches.

The Brabus 900 “one of ten” translates the 888 American horsepower into 900 metric joins the ranks of the mythically rare autos. Only 10 produced worldwide.

Rugged good looks

While rugged good looks and prestige are a definite part of the Mercedes G-Wagen tuned to 888 HP, the final product is much more than a pretty face. It delivers on utility.

In case you’re on a treacherous climb at night, the G-Wagen’s wind deflector above the windshield supports four LED auxiliary lights for increased illumination.

Planning on an extended stay in the outback? Take what you need with the extended front-to-back roof rack. A ladder positioned to the right of the carbon fiber rear wheel cover provides easier accessibility to roof luggage.

Not only is the latest G-Class wider by four inches than the standard G350d, offering roomier access, but the added stealth accentuates its imposing presence.

Flanked by the enhanced air intakes, this behemoth’s winch provides a practical solution for the toughest situations. The aftermarket 20-inch wheels complete the polished look, but these off-road tires provide the efficiency and traction to accomplish the most challenging tasks.

Did we mention the price?

The singular Mercedes G-Wagen with the Brabus tune’s limited production commands a hefty price tag in the neighborhood of $797,000. It’s no run-in-the-mill trim package, however.

For starters, the Brabus bump increases the stock model’s top speed from 136 to 149 mph. Not that you’re going for top-flight with all your mountain-climbing adventures. Sure footedness wins that race.

The final polish puts a shine on the package with a Widestar body kit. Included are fender flares, black-painted chrome bits, under grille carbon panel, front spoiler, roof spoiler. The monoblock wheel designs by Yokohama Advan Sport accentuate the vehicle’s tireless capability. Add vented and cross-drilled brake rotors and eight-piston aluminum calipers and those steep inclines return you to level ground with ease.