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Ahead of the announcement of the new Mercedes EQS, there is a lot of buzz about the newest electric vehicle to hit the market. With nicknames being tossed around, will the Mercedes EQS be able to live up to the competition of the Tesla Model S Plaid? We think so.

Will the Mercedes EQS range live up to the hype?

The Mercedes EQS at a press conference
The Mercedes-Benz EQS displayed at Daimler’s annual press conference. Will it rival Tesla? | by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

According to Barron’s, Deutsche Bank analyst Tim Rokossa has labeled the EQS a “Tesla fighter.” He went on to say that he believes this new Mercedes electric vehicle will likely set a new benchmark in the world of EVs.

Mercedes is no slow-adapting brand, but the electric vehicle lineup does not hold much of a candle to Tesla’s current lineup. The EQS is rumored to have a range of up to 478 miles. If that’s the case, the EQS will have one of the longest ranges on the market unless we include Tesla’s Model S Plaid+.

Edmunds tested a few electric vehicles to compare the estimated range vs. the actual range. Tesla actually topped the list. The 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range got an estimated 353 miles per charge. Edmunds got 345 miles out of it.

The Model S Performance had an estimated 326 miles per charge, and Edmunds found an actual range of 318 miles. If these stats are anything to go by, the Plaid+ will definitely be able to eke out 500 miles.

The Mercedes EQS vs. Tesla Plaid+ electric vehicle

Tesla’s Model S Plaid has an estimated range of 390 miles, currently the EV with the longest range. These are still only estimated figures from Tesla as the Plaid+ isn’t on the road yet.

Tesla says the Plaid model will go from 0-60 in 1.99 seconds. It also has a top speed of 200 miles per hour. It also claims to get 1,020 horsepower at “peak power.” The Plaid+ has an estimated range of 520 miles and gets from 0-60 <1.99 seconds.

Since Mercedes hasn’t given us all of the information about the EQS yet, we can only guess about the specs. But if the company was taking aim at the Plaid, we can assume it will blow past these Tesla numbers.

According to Tesla’s website, the Model S Plaid and Plaid+ will be in your hands within 14 weeks. The regular Plaid model will set you back $114,490. The Plaid+ starts at $144,490. Mercedes has not announced a release date yet.

Is this the start of something beautiful?

CNET says that the EQS is going to define an entire segment of cars. While most new electric vehicle releases inch toward perfection, Mercedes is taking a confident leap in the right direction.

The EQS is anticipated as being the first “truly premium luxury electric sedan on the market.” While Tesla’s Plaid+ might be close, CNET says it still won’t be in the same category.

Mercedes combines the luxury the brand is known for, an out-of-this-world range, and the performance more along the lines of a supercar, all into one little sedan body.

CNET said the EQS would come in two different motor types. The single-electric-motor version will get around 329 horsepower. The dual-electric-motor option will get around 516 horsepower.

Tomorrow is the official announcement from Mercedes, so stay tuned for more information.


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