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A dark silhouette teases the new 2022 Maserati Grecale

New Maserati Grecale SUV Leaked Before You’re Supposed to See it, or At Least Parts of it

The upcoming 2022 Maserati Grecale is a compact SUV that has only been teased up until now. Part of Maserati’s plans to release 10 new or heavily redesigned models by 2023, it slots in under the mid-size Levante SUV as far as pricing and size.

The new Maserati Grecale SUV is coming soon, but a Polish website called Allegro has revealed some design details early. Thanks to teasers we already have a general idea of what the vehicle will look like, but nothing completely concrete. By listing parts of the Maserati Grecale for sale on its website, Allegro has revealed details the Italian automaker didn’t want us to see yet. Here are the Maserati Grecale SUV leaked parts from Allegro.

Which Maserati Grecale parts have been leaked?

Parts for the unreleased Maserati Grecale were leaked online
Maserati Grecale Parts | Allegro

What do individual leaked parts really show us? Surely it isn’t enough to give us an idea of what the Grecale will look like. The front bumper, grille, headlights, taillights, front quarter panels, and three different hoods are all listed. We can get a rough mental picture based on the design details within each individual part. The grille is similar to what you’d expect from any Maserati. The signature vertical slats line the grille with the logo prominently displayed in the center, and the front bumper has a mesh design. The head and taillights don’t give much away without seeing them on the vehicle, but the unique shape will paint a picture in your head.

We know exactly what the steering wheel looks like because one of the listed parts is an entire steering wheel. A clean design with 7-or-8 buttons on each side surrounding the centered Maserati logo in a standard steering wheel shape. We also know exactly what wheels and tires the Grecale will have because four of them are listed on the website. The tires are Bridgestone Potenza Sport measuring 255/40R21 and 295/35R21 in the rear. Both wheels and tires are notably larger than most SUVs of this size.

What do we know about the Maserati Grecale?

A dark silhouette teases the new 2022 Maserati Grecale
2022 Maserati Grecale Teaser | Maserati

Only teasers have shown the upcoming 2022 Maserati Grecale up until now. The Grecale is part of Maserati’s plan to release 10 new or heavily redesigned models by 2023. It will slot in under the mid-size Levante SUV. CarandDriver predicts it will start around $43,000, priced similarly to the BMW X3 and Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

The Grecale will have gas, all-electric, and hybrid powertrains available. Maserati hopes to get back on the radar of luxury vehicles for buyers with Grecale and other new models. A possible engine for the gas version of the Grecale could be the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder as seen under the hood of the Stelvio.

The possibility of variety for the vehicle, whether electric or not, gives a lot of options for the small SUV. Competing with other luxury brands will be difficult, but Maserati is moving in the right direction to reestablish itself. With vehicles like the BMW X3, Acura RDX, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, Audi Q5, and even the Volvo XC60 classified as luxury compact SUVs, there’s plenty of competition. Small SUVs are very popular due to their convenient amount of space and significantly better gas mileage than larger alternatives. The Maserati Grecale SUV leaked parts listed online can be found on Allegro’s website.


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