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A few new 2023 luxury SUVs are likely to command high resale value. Headlines about luxury SUV prices ran rampant following the pandemic. Supply chain problems and production delays meant fewer new models were on the market. Prices soared as a result. While we may be past the peak of the used luxury SUV price boom, many models continue to demand top dollar. 

From compact crossovers to off-roaders, Kelley Blue Book has looked ahead to predict a few 2023 luxury SUVs that will hang on to more of their value. 

Which Luxury SUVs have good resale value?

The 2023 Lexus RX sits in golden light with mountains in the background.
2023 Lexus LX | Lexus

2023 Lincoln Aviator: This three-row midsize luxury SUV is known more for comfort and quiet than for its handling and performance. The Aviator offers a classic Lincoln experience with premium materials, a quiet cabin, and helpful technology. Kelley Blue Book estimates that the 2023 Aviator will retain 46.5 percent of its value. 

2023 Lexus LX: It’s essentially America’s version of the Toyota Land Cruiser — an SUV legendary for retaining value. Toyota did not renew the Land Cruiser for the American market in 2023. If you want a new Land Cruiser in the U.S., the 2023 Lexus LX is the closest you’ll get. Kelley Blue Book expects these models to retail half their MSRP for resale. 

2023 Acura RDX: Known for its sporty performance and well-rounded packaging, this Acura has a reputation for a sharper driving experience than its rivals. The RDX compact luxury SUV earns its spot with expected value retention of 45.3 percent. 

2023 Cayenne: Representing the two-row midsize luxury segment, the Porsche Cayenne balances high-performance stats with design. Rated to retain 46.5 percent of MSRP for resale, KBB calls the Cayenne one of the most entertaining vehicles in its class. 

2023 Volvo XC40: The XC40 is the smallest SUV on the list, but its resale prediction estimates a 49-percent value retention. It’s a distinctly Scandinavian luxury SUV with a clean design and practical features. 

Do luxury SUVs hold their value?

While new luxury SUVs command high prices, they tend to carry a reputation for tanking resale value once they leave the sales lot. A range of factors can cause the phenomenon. 

  • High-mileage maintenance costs 
  • New-model preference among buyers 
  • Premium appeal falls after the first sale
  • Etc 

Fortunately, not all premium SUVs are doomed to such a fate. Several brands have historically carried excellent luxury resale value despite the circumstances. Kelley Blue Book estimates a few more likely to do the same. 

No 2023 luxury SUVs break the top-ten overall resale value list

Kelley Blue Book’s report calls out each vehicle segment’s top resale value models. However, that doesn’t mean they all rank in the top 10 overall. 

No luxury SUVs are among the top 10 ranked SUVs for resale value. Only one model (Lexus LX) cracks the 50 percent value retention mark. Overall, the best resale value SUVs are off-road vehicles like the Ford Bronco and Toyota 4Runner. 

Will these models hold their value?

Kelley Blue Book serves up resale value predictions based on available data like previous performance, current market conditions, model demand, etc. While the projections are based on facts, they remain only predictions. It’s impossible to tell precisely how well a single vehicle will hold its value. All the same, drivers who choose any of these luxury SUVs can feel confident in their investments. 


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